Circle of Strength 2014

Allegiance Health Staff Campaign: May 12 - June 6

As an Allegiance Health staff member, you can be a part of the Circle of Strength staff campaign and help us reach our goal of $200,000. Your generosity will have a lasting and substantial impact on our health system and our community.

Through your contribution to the Circle of Strength, you can support your fellow staff and community members by ensuring that assistance will be available for those who need it the most.

From May 12 through June 6, you can designate your cash donations, vacation/PTO hours or payroll deduction toward:

  • Graduate Medical Education Program
  • Staff Assistance Fund for Emergencies (SAFE)
  • Patient Charity Care
  • Area of Greatest Need

You can also download a PDF of the donor form.

As a Thank you

To show you our appreciation for joining the Allegiance Circle of Strength, the following gifts will be available:

  • What?!....a mid-campaign surprise drawing that you will want to be entered in. Everyone who donates by Friday, May 23 at noon will be eligible for an amazing prize! Watch for clues.
  • A specially designed 2014 Circle of Strength lapel pin for everyone who donates.
  • A Circle of Strength logo water bottle for donations of $150 or more. This level of giving also means your name will be entered into a weekly drawing (20 prizes total). The sooner you make your donation, or return your completed pledge sheet, the better your chances to win.
  • As a bonus, from May 12 through June 6, you can fill your water bottle with a beverage in the Commons Cafe. If you present your 2014 Circle of Strength water bottle at the Common Grounds coffee shop, you will receive a 75 cent discount on a beverage of your choice.
  • 5-Year Pin: Donors who contribute to the campaign for 5 years will receive a special recognition lapel pin to thank you for your faithful support.

Please join the Allegiance Circle of Strength campaign. Our support matters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Graduate Medical Education (GME) Program

Donations in support of the Allegiance GME program make a significant impact on the quality of training we provide our resident physicians as they prepare to serve our community. As the program expands with the arrival of new residents, your support is critical to sustaining a high level of excellence.


The Staff Assistance Fund for Emergencies (SAFE), managed by the Allegiance Health Foundation, provides confidential financial assistance in the form of grants or loans for eligible Allegiance Health staff experiencing sudden, unforeseen financial hardships. Since SAFE started in 2008, $396,432 has been provided for staff through the program.

Patient Charity Care

These donations help community members who have no other way to pay for needed surgery or other treatment for serious health concerns. Gifts made for Patient Charity Care not only help ensure that all patients receive the highest quality care regardless of their ability to pay, but they also help offset the growing cost for Allegiance Health to provide uncompensated care.

Area of Greatest Need

Gifts with this designation will be used in whatever way is most meaningful and useful to meeting the ever-changing needs of our health system. Examples may include the purchase of new technology or support for a free community service. Your donation supports Allegiance Health’s mission to lead our community to better health and well-being at every stage of life. 

Yes! Your donation is tax deductible to the extent provided by law.

One hundred percent of your donation will directly benefit the Staff Campaign. For example, if you give $8 per pay period, designating 50 percent to the Graduate Medical Education Program and 50 percent to SAFE, then $4 will go to each of your designated areas.

You can give a one-time donation or have a specific dollar amount deducted each pay period. You can also designate your vacation/PTO hours (4-hour minimum) toward the Campaign. We strongly encourage you to make your donation using the ease and convenience of For more information, please contact the Allegiance Health Foundation at (517) 817-7508.

No, you are not allowed to donate vacation/PTO over more than one pay period. While IRS regulations allow us to offer vacation/PTO donation for this purpose, it limits our ability to offer it to only one pay period per year.

Yes. Your vacation/PTO donation creates taxable income for the dollar value equal to your hourly rate of pay multiplied by the number of hours you are donating. This is the amount that will be contributed to the Foundation and that you may be able to deduct on your federal tax return.

Your paycheck for this period will be lower because additional taxes will be withheld on the amount of the vacation/PTO donation. Please plan accordingly.

As an example, assume you donate 10 hours of vacation/PTO and make $20 per hour. The calculated donation is $200. The amount is reported as income on your paycheck and is included in the calculation of taxes withheld from your paycheck. Taxes on this amount would be in the range of $70. So, the net amount you receive for this pay period would be $70 less than usual.

The vacation/PTO donation will occur on your paycheck dated July 24, 2014.

Payroll deductions will begin on July 24, 2014 and continue through June 25, 2015.

Absolutely! Successfully reaching our Campaign goal of $200,000 will take 1,334 employees giving $6 per pay period. However, some employees may choose to give less and some to give more. Whatever the amount, your contribution is greatly appreciated and will have a significant impact on Allegiance Health’s ability to help people in need.

Yes! A check you write for a one-time donation can be made payable to Allegiance Health Foundation.

Simply make your donation online at, being sure to indicate where you want your funds to go and your wishes for your contribution option. If you prefer, a limited number of paper pledge sheets are available. Please contact your nearest Culture of Giving Team member or the Foundation with questions or to request a pledge sheet. It’s fast and easy!

The 2014 Circle of Strength campaign runs from May 12 - June 6, 2014. During that time, staff will have the opportunity to make pledges toward the four specific giving areas. Then in FY2015, the funds will be collected, starting with the July 24, 2014 paycheck through June 25, 2015. Once all of the donations are in, they will be applied to the appropriate projects for which they were designated.

If you have questions regarding this year’s Circle of Strength campaign, please see one of the Culture of Giving members listed below:

  • Jo Balfe, Imaging
  • Brandi Baynes, Patient Safety
  • Jennie Belden, Hospitalists & Executive Coordinator for Dr. King
  • Deborah Bendele, Clinical Decision Support
  • Karen Biskupski, Inpatient & Outpatient IV Therapy
  • Dave Dochoda, Environmental Services
  • Theresa Donahee, Legal Affairs
  • Jessica Douglas, Trauma
  • Carrie Fransted, Occupational Health
  • Dawnie Gloar, Orthopaedics and PMR Office
  • Briana Johnson, Patient Scheduling
  • Sharon Koch, Central Sterile Processing
  • Becky Liss, Case Management
  • Charlene Ludwig, Purchasing
  • Shari Luppo, Substance Abuse Services
  • Tanya Marsh, AFM & ADC North Street, Mason and Leslie
  • Janine McGill, Hospice Home
  • Vicky Meyers, HIS
  • Barb Mierzwa, Women’s Health Center
  • Amy Neuman, Marketing
  • Brenda Owens, Transport
  • Michelle Pierce, CDU-1
  • Greg Putra, Cardiovascular Services
  • Joe Ritter, Laboratory
  • Jamie Rudd, Sleep Center
  • Marjorie Stage, AFM Townsend
  • Kelsie Stevens, HIM
  • Dea Talmage, Volunteer Services
  • Kathi Tennis, Chronic Care Services
  • Lynda Waldron, Lobby Gift Shop
  • Becky Waldron, Rehabilitation
  • Bendy Wood, Patient Financial Services
  • Terri Yafai, Hospice Home


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