Giving Back to the Community

Allegiance Health has demonstrated an ongoing commitment to improving the health and well-being of our community by investing significantly in wellness and prevention services in addition to traditional acute care services. Because we believe our services should be accessible to all people in our community regardless of ability to pay, we provide care for the uninsured, with little or no reimbursement for ourselves. We also offer financial assistance to low-income patients. Health education, research and other activities that are tailored to the needs of our community are financially sponsored by Allegiance Health.

In recognition of our long-term commitment to community service programs, Allegiance Health was awarded the 2010 Foster G. McGaw Prize by the American Hospital Association. This distinction is received by only one hospital or health system per year.

Community Benefit Investment

The table below reflects the thousands of people who are touched each year by our services. Many of them share their stories with us, revealing how profoundly our programs have impacted their lives. We hear stories of people who can not afford medicine to control their diabetes, who have received help through our Community Medication Assistance Program at little out of pocket expense. We’re told of people whose life-threatening conditions were discovered through one of our free community health screenings, who were able to receive follow-up care before the condition worsened. Individual stories like these are examples of the reason we are so passionate about continuing our tradition of supporting community benefit programs.

The resources supporting these programs represent an investment in the community and a commitment to serve those in need. This investment is an extension of our mission as a not-for-profit, community-owned health system. To learn even more about how we use our resources, please view our IRS Form 990

Program or ServiceCommunity Members ServedContribution
Transportation Services
Includes transport between hospital and physician offices or patient homes, as well as emergency cash for those unable to pay for bus tokens or cab fare.
Community-Building Activities
Includes activities focused on improving social conditions, such as homelessness and poverty.
Health Care Support Services49,628$474,570
Community Support Groups
Includes group support for patients with asthma and chronic lung disease, grief, cancer, diabetes, stroke and organ transplants.
Community-Based Health Screenings
Includes free screenings for blood pressure, vascular disease, cholesterol, cancer, hearing and mental health.
Includes family counseling and tobacco / smoking cessation counseling.
Meals / Nutrition Services800$19,872
Donations for the Community | Cash $1,494,455
Donations for the Community | Grants15,000$63,405
Donations for the Community | In-Kind1,612$156,109
Community Benefit Operations10,000$30,413
Community-Based Clinical Services
Includes contributions to support the medically underserved, through the Center for Family Health.
General Community Health Education
Includes AIDS / HIV education; mental health / depression education; fitness / exercise; prenatal / family planning; community presentations; and newsletters.
Free or Discounted Prescriptions and Supplies
Includes prescription drugs, hearing aids, wheelchairs, etc., for those who are unable to pay or are medically underserved.
Cost of Care Provided by Allegiance Health without Full Payment
Charity Care
Services provided for qualified patients who cannot afford to pay.
Bad Debt
Services provided without payment or at substantially less-than-standard charges.
Medicaid Subsidy
Shortfalls in Medicaid reimbursement for care to the poor and uninsured.
Medicare Subsidy
Shortfalls in Medicare reimbursement for care to the senior population.
Total 2013 Contributions to Community $104,985,935

Health Improvement Organization

Many of the community benefit services noted in the table above are offered through the Health Improvement Organization (HIO). Formed in 2000 by Allegiance Health, the HIO promotes a culture of wellness and prevention in the Jackson region. The HIO is a collaboration between Allegiance Health and more than 30 other health and community service organizations. It has created a Community Action Plan to prioritize and address pressing health needs, particularly for people who are underserved.

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