Eligibility Requirements & Review Process

To be considered for the Allegiance Health Community Vitality Fund, organizations and their projects must meet certain criteria outlined below. If you find that your request meets these guidelines, please complete our Fund Request Form.

Eligible Requests

In order to be eligible for our support, the requesting organization must:

  • Be a registered tax exempt non-profit
  • Serve Allegiance Health’s geographic region
  • Align with Allegiance Health's mission, vision and values
  • Be in compliance with the Equal Employment Opportunities Act and other federal, state and local laws and regulations

Request approvals are decided by the Allegiance Community Vitality Funds Committee, which is comprised of Allegiance staff. The Committee reviews each request to determine if it aligns with the Allegiance mission, vision and values and falls within budget limitations.

Proposals that align with the above criteria are given higher priority if they are:

  • Located within the geographic region served by Allegiance Health and have an established presence in that community
  • A benefit to a large number of community members
  • Submitted with a report of outcomes from previous years
  • Committed to donating at least 75% of the event/fundraiser proceeds back into their community
  • For events/projects that provide a health or wellness component

Ineligible Requests

Allegiance Health Community Vitality Funds are not granted in support of:

  • Individuals
  • Partisan political organizations, committees, candidates or public office holders
  • Labor unions
  • Religious organization functions of a sacramental or theological nature
  • Loans
  • Talent/beauty contests
  • Organizations that practice discrimination based on race, creed/religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, height, weight, marital status, national origin ancestry, disability or veteran status
  • Requests for more than $5,000 annually
    • Capital campaign requests will be decided separately from other requests and may require additional information.
    • Multiple requests from the same organization are rarely granted in the Allegiance fiscal year, which is July 1 – June 30. If your organization has multiple events or functions throughout the year, we recommend you bundle the requests (which does not exceed $5,000), or choose your highest priority event/project.

Process & Timeline

Funding proposals are accepted throughout the year for consideration by the Allegiance Health Community Vitality Funds Committee. Committee meetings are held in the Allegiance fiscal year (July 1 – June 30). Meetings are held in July, October, January and April. Approvals are based on the above guidelines, budget limitations and the other proposals being considered.

We recommend that you plan to make your request in the quarterly meeting that will best align with your deadlines for approval and event date. Your submitted request will be acknowledged by email within 24 to 48 hours. You will receive notification of funding decisions within two to three business days after the committee meets.

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