Nurse Profiles

Eva M. Fronk, MSN, CNM

Women’s & Children’s Services, OB – Triage

I have had the privilege to be employed at Allegiance Health as a Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM) since February 2012. After my first interviews, it became clear that this was the right place to begin the next chapter of my career. Obstetric triage is a specialty in itself. Our leadership team has responded to the needs of the community it serves by further developing this specialty over the last year, and I am proud to be a part of that endeavor.

Advanced nursing practice has continued to evolve over the years in the area of obstetrics and gynecology. I bring to the table over 27 years of caring for a geographically diverse population of women across their life spans. That experience now spills over into the area of OB – Triage.

My philosophy and approach to patient care begins with the inherent belief that childbirth is a natural process requiring only judicious intervention. This is accomplished through a High Touch – Low Tech approach that embraces individualized care for every patient, every time. The foundation that supports women’s wellness is education. Knowledge in turn unleashes a woman’s inherent ability to be well and to heal. This is what a CNM provides as part of a multidisciplinary OB/GYN team.

Michelle Hamlin, RN

Surgery Services

I came to Allegiance Health a year ago as a circulating nurse with 12 years of experience in the operating room. I truly am honored to call myself an Allegiance Health Nurse. This organization continues to show me daily not only their commitment to their patients, but also their consideration for their staff members. The compassion I witness from my co-workers toward their patients is something that sets Allegiance apart from other institutions.

There are many different pathways individuals can choose to pursue in Nursing. I personally enjoy the operating room. The teamwork involved in order to complete one surgery is very dynamic, each individual having a specific job and working together as a team member simultaneously. When patients arrive at the hospital for surgery, they often feel very vulnerable and anxious. The ability to put not only the patient, but also their family members at ease is something that I strive for each and every time.

When looking into the future as a nurse, I anticipate working here at Allegiance Health for many years to come. It is an organization whose goals and values are not only talked about, but are demonstrated by individuals throughout the Health System.

Mary Jo Beach, RN

Allegiance Hospice Home

I have been a Medical-Surgical nurse for 32 years and joined the Allegiance team 10 years ago. It is a pleasure to work in an environment where excellent customer service is everyone's goal.

I recently made the transition to Allegiance Hospice Home.  Among the many values embraced by Allegiance Health are customer service, quality and compassion. Within this framework, I am encouraged to be creative, using my talents and skills to relieve suffering.

It is often the day-to-day things that make a difference in the lives of our patients. One of my hospice patients wanted to cancel her family Christmas Eve gathering for fear it would be too sad; she didn't want to see any tears. I told her I would come in and lighten the mood with a stand-up comedy routine, and she consented. That night, I told stories and jokes (I should have practiced more) until the whole room was laughing. After the patient’s death, her son called me to thank me for that special night.

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