Nursing Philosophy

Every day, through compassionate care and clinical excellence, Henry Ford Allegiance Health nurses carry out the hospital’s mission to lead our community to better health and well-being at every stage of life. Our nursing vision is: Best Nurses, Best Care, Every Patient, Every Time and our practice is based on the American Nurses Association Standards for Professional Nursing Practice.

The following principles are demonstrated within the elements of our Nursing Professional Practice model:


Nurses exhibit limitless compassion in their support of the healing process. Patients give us permission to enter their lives and share their most intimate life experiences. The American Nurses Association Code of Ethics for Nurses guides our moral compass. Through a generosity of spirit we show respect and dignity to all within our care.


As we seek to meet the needs of our community by identifying problems and managing interactions, we recognize our role as care providers, advocates, educators, mangers, leaders and collaborators. Nurses believe that it is our obligation to participate in strategies that promote community health. As advocates for patients and families, we strive to protect the health, safety and rights of those we serve.

Neuman System Model

Betty Neuman views nursing as a unique profession concerned with all the variables that influence the response a person might have to a stressor. We have adopted her definition of nursing as “actions which assist individuals, families and groups, to maintain a maximum level of wellness, and the primary aim is the stability of the patient/client system through nursing interventions to reduce stress.”

Evidence-Based Practice and Research

Respecting the patient’s values, we strive to make the best clinical decisions by appraising the research evidence and integrating it into our clinical expertise. The goal of evidence-based practice and research is to use the highest quality of knowledge to provide care that results in the maximum level of wellness for the patient.

Shared Governance

Nurses benefit from an organizational structure that empowers us to use our clinical knowledge and expertise to develop, direct and sustain autonomy in our professional practice. By networking with colleagues and collaborating with other departments, we are able to continuously improve care from the bedside and across the continuum.


We are encouraged to use acquired knowledge and skills to creatively generate and develop new knowledge that further enhances our nursing practice. Innovative thinking and ideas are cultivated within the spirit of improving patient safety and quality. We accept our responsibility as leaders in change and transformation.


Nursing is a learned profession built on a core body of knowledge that reflects both science and art. Nurses demonstrate an ongoing commitment to excellence through the pursuit of life-long learning and mentoring. We value our professional obligation to enhance the ability of our colleagues through the use of constructive feedback, peer review and recognition. The continuous improvement of a well-defined body of knowledge, along with critical thinking skills, requires personal accountability and professional growth.

Patient- and Family-Centered Care

The nurse’s relationship with the patient and family is at the heart of care delivery. Patients, families and nurses are equal partners in determining the plan of care and achieving the maximum level of wellness. Toward that goal, we honor the expertise each of us brings to every interaction. We continually strive to be conscious of the needs and preferences of our patients and families, and we actively engage them in all aspects of care at the level they choose. Nurses at Henry Ford Allegiance Health live the values that positively influence how nursing is practiced in our community. Our values, together with the four pillars of our organization—Customer-Driven Excellence, Financial Vitality, Learning and Innovation, and Personal and Community Health—help us achieve our vision: Best Nurses, Best Care, Every Patient, Every Time.

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