Professional Advancement Ladder

Allegiance Health understands that patient outcomes improve when care is delivered by professional nurses who are highly skilled, motivated to learn, committed to the hospital’s mission and dedicated to furthering the profession of nursing. And we encourage every Allegiance Health nurse to pursue the highest level of career advancement she or he desires  

Registered nurses who choose to remain in a position of direct patient care are recognized and supported through the Allegiance Health Professional Advancement Ladder (PAL) program. The program was created to promote a practice environment that is flexible and supportive of the career interests of nurses at Allegiance Health. PAL recognizes individual talents and contributions, while demanding adherence to standards for nursing practice, customer service and teamwork. The model encourages contribution to practice, education, leadership and research, empowering the professional nurse to deliver excellent care to patients, while also promoting the success of the individual practitioner and the broader organization.

A hallmark of the program is the professional portfolio, which the nurse creates to include endorsements from leadership and peers, self-assessment tools, a professional resume and evidence of the nurse’s accomplishments.

PAL Program Goals

  • Create an environment that promotes evidence-based professional nursing practice and patient outcomes.
  • Demonstrate organizational values and appreciation for the role of professional nurses, improving RN satisfaction with work and professional growth opportunities and enhancing recruitment and retention efforts.
  • Develop effective leadership skills, facilitate adaptation to change, and promote learning and development among the professional nursing staff.
  • Support the involvement of the direct care nurse in practice, operations, and process decisions and development.

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