Medical Staff e-Update

Andrew Caughey, MD

Andrew Caughey, MD

Medical Director, Henry Ford Allegiance Anesthesia Clinical Service & Chief of Staff

Ray King, MD

Senior Vice President, Medical Affairs & CMO

Issue 25 - May 25, 2017

This year’s recipients of the Physician Excellence Award exemplifies our core values integrity, quality and teamwork. We received many nominations and there are many, many deserving physicians, but this year, two stood above the rest—Kristina Sturgill, DO, and Lawrence Narkiewicz, MD.

It is with greatest pleasure that I announce the recipients of this year’s Physician Excellence Awards.

Both are humble, dedicated, inspirational and caring. Both are true leaders. I characterize exceptional leaders as those who have authority, but rarely have to use it to get optimal results. Both have made incredible personal and career sacrifices for the greater good.

Kristina Sturgill, DO

Ray King, MD, said:

I am so happy that Kristina has dedicated herself to teaching new physicians as I hope they learn from her and take away a portion of the excellence with which she practices. If they have learned from her then I think our future physicians are going to do wonderfully.

She was never too busy to answer a question or participate in some potentially inappropriate humor.

Dr. Sturgill has been the Family Medicine program director since March of 2015. What many don’t know is that we almost had to close down our family medicine program. We went through two family medicine program directors. The program not only needed a program director working at least ½ of their time in an administrative role, but also someone who would have their practice out of the same site as the residents at the Center for Family Health. Kristina moved her career to CFH to meet the needs of the program. Many patients followed her. Dr. Sturgill filled a role vital to the success of the program leading the transition through its first ever single accreditation.

Dr. Sturgill’s quiet determination and role modeling focused on ideals for resident and her faculty. Her passion never wavered from creating an exceptional educational program based on core values of dedication, compassion, empathy and quality. Her personal sacrifices became a passion for her to ensure each resident and faculty understood work life balance. Faculty meetings discuss resident wellness and faculty wellness. Dr. Sturgill is committed to role modeling behavior in order to assist with longevity as a physician. Her influence for physician boundaries has been recognized outside of HFAH and she has been asked to speak on the topic by national organizations.

Larry Narkiewicz, MD

Ray King, MD, said:

Larry has also made personal sacrifices on behalf of Henry Ford Allegiance and the community. The list is too long to list only because I’m sure I’m not aware of everything. First and foremost, Larry is a husband, father, general surgeon and a friend to many. As with Dr. Sturgill, that would be a successful life and career all by itself.

Larry is also the Vice Chairman of the Board of Jackson Health Network and on its Executive, Finance and Nominating Committees. He is always completely prepared for each and every meeting. He also has great insight on what it would take for JHN to be successful.

In GME, Larry is faculty for the General Surgery Residency program and is a great educator.

Larry’s real claim to fame, and where he has made the greatest professional and probably personal sacrifice, is leading the formation of our Trauma Program. Larry, several years ago, began a professional journey into helping create a Trauma program here in this community. No small task. He did this, knowing and understanding the sacrifices this endeavor would bear on him personally and professionally. To show how considerate a man this is, he asked each of his partner's opinion. It felt like permission, even though it wasn't. We as a group unanimously supported his decision, and recognize that no other person could have the same influence on how this program developed, and succeeded, as it would with Larry at the helm.

After years of work and effort, it is exhilarating to see the results of his work, and that of the team working to build this program. Larry has had particular challenges, in trying to balance the life of his practice, and that of the trauma program. And yet he maneuvers through the minefield with seeming ease, the agility of a diplomat. Whether he realizes it or not, he is a respected leader in this institution and this community, and more importantly - an approachable leader.

For the past four and a half years, Larry has served as either our part-time or full-time Trauma Medical Director. He tirelessly coaches colleagues. His competency has shown through during educational sessions such as the Mock Trauma Scenarios in the ED (on all three shifts). He has worked hard to nurture a collaborative relationship with our local EMT leaders.

During meetings, Larry is willing to listen to everyone, even when they don’t agree. He is capable of pulling them back in when they are off on a tangent. He is never bombastic or dictatorial, but always respectful and a really good facilitator.

The Trailblazer Award was started years ago to recognize the physicians who were willing and had the courage to lead the medical staff and health system past our comfort zone and enhance the level of care for members of our community.

Several years ago, we began looking for health system affiliation partners. We engaged many physicians early on as we evaluated our initial option. Those meetings were invaluable and offered more perspective than just clinical alignment opportunities.

In late 2014, when we broadened our search for partners, we again entertained feedback from physicians on attributes we should be looking for. The four partnership essentials used as criteria were:

  • Clinical Resources
  • Access to Capital
  • Our Community
  • Our People, including Physicians and Staff

We selected five physicians to help us do the deeper dive for fit with potential partners. They went out of town with us on interviews and helped guide our decision-making, which eventually led us to choose Henry Ford Health System as our partner.

Those five physicians are:

  • Brian Adamczyk, MD
  • David Halsey, MD
  • Sandra Kilian, MD
  • Shawn Obi, DO
  • Mark Smith, MD


Henry Ford Allegiance Health is proud to have earned a top rating of “A” on the Spring 2016 Hospital Safety Score from The Leapfrog Group, an independent national nonprofit organization that monitors hospital safety and quality. We are honored to be one of only three hospitals in Michigan to achieve straight A’s since the inception of this initiative in 2012.

According to The Leapfrog Group, if all hospitals scored A's, 33,000 lives would be saved annually. Congratulations to the entire Henry Ford Allegiance team for making this achievement possible.

What is the Model G gown?

The Model G gown is a wrap-around robe that combines style with patient comfort and privacy, while allowing the access doctors, nurses, x-ray technicians and other care team members need to provide care.

What makes this gown different? Does it have special features?

Instead of using cloth ties, the Model G gown has two rows of plastic snaps for an adjustable fit. Most notably, the gown has a closed back for a more dignified patient experience. An opening on the upper back and in both sleeves make the Model G gown easy for caregivers to place a stethoscope, IV or monitor.

Who designed the Model G?

Product designer Michael Forbes, of the Henry Ford Innovation Institute, created this new patient-friendly hospital gown that is attracting international attention.

What do patients think of this new gown?

In a series of clinical trials performed at Henry Ford Hospitals, participant reaction was very positive. More than 35,000 of the gowns have already been rolled out for use in various clinical units throughout Henry Ford Health System.

When will the Model G be available for patients at HFAH?

At Henry Ford Allegiance, the Model G will be phased into certain inpatient settings, based on where it is most appropriate.

Has there been any interest in this gown outside of Henry Ford’s health system?

Requests have poured in from facilities in and around metro Detroit, throughout the state of Michigan and from cities like New York and Chicago. International interest has come from the Netherlands and all the way to Australia.

The Model G has also attained celebrity status, making appearances on “The Today Show,” “Ellen” and “Live with Kelly and Michael.” Actor Mark Harmon even wore one in an episode of “NCIS.”

Is there more information available?

To learn more about the Model G and the Henry Ford Innovation Institute, go to

The Center for Health Innovation & Education will be a hub for forward-thinking medical residents, experienced physicians, nurses, technicians and students to expand their knowledge and perfect their skills.

“Late September’s groundbreaking was truly something extraordinary because it represents a new vision for our future as a healthy system,” said Henry Ford Allegiance President and CEO Georgia Fojtasek. “This new Center for Health Innovation & Education will help us to attract and retain the highest-quality physicians and clinical staff to our community.”

The Center will be the ideal environment for:

  • Training future health care providers
  • Continuing the education of experienced physicians and clinicians
  • Supporting community education programs
  • Training EMS, fire and rescue teams and other first responders

The new, two-story addition to the Charles Anderson Building will house virtual examination rooms, classrooms, meeting spaces and offices. Most importantly, the Center will feature a technologically advanced simulation laboratory (SIM Lab) that looks and feels like actual inpatient and outpatient settings. Computerized mannequins in the SIM Lab will be programmed to simulate simple to highly complex medical issues and respond to treatment as a human patient would. This will allow learners to gain experience diagnosing and treating a virtually limitless range of diseases and conditions.

Henry Ford Allegiance Chief Medical Officer Ray King, MD, said, “Thanks to your support of generous donors, we will be turning a corner into a new era in medical education—virtual exam rooms, a simulation laboratory, computerized mannequins—will all be available. The students who come here will gain experience diagnosing and treating a virtually limitless range of diseases and conditions. And we will all be better for it.”

The project is scheduled to be complete in 2017.

Our construction-period parking and entry plan for the Anderson Building area has been implemented.

  • The normal entry to the Anderson lot will become a construction-only entrance.
  • Those parking in the Anderson lot or Physicians’ lot will need to use the east entry, down the Homewild hill.

Staff two-hour parking is eliminated for the Anderson Building lot until the site work is completed in the summer of 2017, to provide spaces for patients and visitors. Staff requiring two-hour spaces can park in the Visitor Parking Deck, above the green line at the 2B column.

Physician parking lot – Gates have been ordered for the east side of the physician parking lot, near the Laundry, and will be here in several weeks. Please do not attempt to park in this lot, if you are not authorized to do so.

Construction Contact – If you have questions or concerns about the parking arrangements or construction activities, please contact Brian Utterback on his cell, at (517) 206-5080.

Think “activity” instead of “exercise.” The important thing is to spend less time sitting at the TV or computer and more time moving.