Community Partners

Partner with us – to create exceptional care

At Allegiance Health, we’re committed to creating exceptional patient experiences, each and every day.

Our Community Partners program is an effective way for our customers and patients to become actively involved with Allegiance. Through a variety of opportunities, Community Partners share their care experiences and provide expertise to aid us in creating even better care.

Community Partners can become involved with Allegiance in a number of ways, depending on the interests and skills of the individual:

Patient Host work with a unit’s nursing staff to make sure patient concerns are addressed at the point of care. The role of the Patient Host is to listen and to provide patients with information that will make their stay more comfortable. Learn more by watching the below video.

Our Community Partners have important interactions in the communities we serve. As an Ambassador, you can provide Allegiance with important feedback from your interactions at the grassroots level.
Gaining a customer perspective is often requested on topics ranging from how customers choose their care providers to exploring a new room service feature for patients. Discussion groups are typically no more than 90 minutes and are offered at convenient times throughout the day.
Community Partners are invited to attend “Inside Allegiance”--discussions that provide an inside look at our departments and services. These events may include a close up tour of our Emergency Department or details of our medical record process, with the opportunity to meet departmental leadership and ask questions. These invitation-only events are held quarterly.
To provide external insight on internal work teams, Community Partners can volunteer to attend work-day meetings with Allegiance Health staff and physicians. The time commitment for internal teams varies—and Partners are connected based on their interests and life skills.
As Allegiance Health continues to advance new programs and services, Community Partners can play a key role on ad hoc committees and advisory groups.
Community Partners provide ongoing communication regarding their care experiences—or those of family members or friends.
Our annual events, such as Relay for Life, the Allegiance Health Fair, the Allegiance Race to Health, disaster drills and more, allow Community Partners to network with others and serve our community.


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