Allegiance Health offers a variety of classes, seminars, screenings and events designed to improve the health and well being of the communities we serve.

Here is what's coming up

  •  May 26

    The Green Market focuses on natural, sustainable Michigan produce and products. All products sold must be produced in Michigan with minimal or no use of chemicals.
  •  May 26

    Tai Chi is a graceful form of exercise that is used for stress reduction. This is for cancer patients and is offered free of charge.
  •  May 30

    For adults who have experienced any type of loss.
  •  May 30

    Part 5 of 6. This six-week course is a must for all expectant mothers and their partners. It provides all the essential information needed to prepare for the birth of your child.
  •  May 31

    Nourish is a 10 week wellness program, designed to help participants set and reach personal goals for a more balanced, healthy lifestyle.

    We encourage participants to attend all 10 sessions, but also welcome those who are interested in only certain topics.

    Topics covered are:

    1. Introduction and Getting Started                                                              
    2. Creating a Healthy Meal Plan                                
    3. Making Sense of Food Labels                 
    4. Food Shopping Simplified                                                
    5. Being Active: A Way of Life                      
    6. Sleep: The Missing Link?              
    7. The Art of Eating Mindfully                                               
    8. Jump Start Your Activity Plan                               
    9. Talk Back to Negative Thoughts                          
    10. Sustaining Behavior Changes
  •  May 31

    For parents who have lost a child of any age.
  •  May 31

    For adults who have experienced any type of loss.

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One of the most important things you can do to lower your risk of stroke is to keep your blood pressure in check with exercise, stress management and reducing your intake of salt and alcohol.