Allegiance Health offers a variety of classes, seminars, screenings and events designed to improve the health and well being of the communities we serve.

Here is what's coming up

  •  Jul 24

    The Green Market at Allegiance Health is held in the parking lot of the Allegiance Specialty Center. All products sold at The Green Market must be produced in Michigan with minimal or no use of chemicals.
  •  Jul 25

    A weekend of healing for families, including children age 6 and older.
  •  Jul 26

    Part 3 of 6. This six-week course is a must for all expectant mothers and their partners. It provides all the essential information needed to prepare for the birth of your child.
  •  Jul 28

    For adults who have experienced any type of loss.
  •  Jul 28

    PATH (Personal Action Toward Health) is a free, 6-week workshop for individuals with chronic illnesses such as high blood pressure, diabetes, migraine, arthritis, and many other conditions.
  •  Jul 28

    Nourish is a 10-week, online program designed to help participants set and reach personal goals for a more balanced, healthy lifestyle.
  •  Jul 29

    Our non-invasive ultrasound screening only takes about 15 minutes and can detect stroke risk factors and the existence of an aneurysm by checking the blood flow in your neck, abdomen and ankles.

Anxiety, nervousness, stress and tension can take a toll on your unborn baby’s health. Avoid the triggers and learn to stay calm by using techniques like meditation and yoga.