Special Events

Pink Ball

The annual Pink Ball has been a popular event in our community for more than 75 years. Started by the W.A. Foote Auxiliary and now coordinated by the Volunteers of Allegiance Health, the Pink Ball has become our largest fundraising event of the year.

All proceeds go the Allegiance Health Foundation to be used toward important expansion and improvement projects within the health system. Funds from recent Pink Balls have benefited the Allegiance Heart and Vascular Center, the Gayle M. Jacob Cancer Center, Graduate Medical Education at Allegiance Health, and the Trauma program.

Lights of Love

Every December, this inspiring celebration honors individuals—both living and deceased—who have touched our lives in meaningful ways.

Green and yellow lights decorating the tall evergreens at the hospital’s entrance each represent a family member, friend, caregiver, or community leader. The names of those being honored are listed on a scroll in the hospital lobby. 

“On behalf of the Allegiance Health Foundation, thank you for your donation to Lights of Love. The generous gifts we received helped to raise over $30,800 for patients receiving care in the Allegiance Hospice Home.  The precious moments of love and connection that your gift will provide to hospice patients and their families are beyond measure.”

Chad Noble, President, Allegiance Health Foundation

The 2016 Lights of Love ceremony is scheduled for Wednesday, December 7, at 6 p.m.


When recovering from surgery or an injury, prepare your home by placing often-used objects within easy reach, and keep a hard-backed chair in every room so you can sit while doing daily tasks.