Lights of Love Virtual Scroll

Each year, community members, Allegiance staff, medical staff and volunteers generously support our holiday Lights of Love celebration by honoring special people in their lives. We have expanded our celebration by featuring donor and honoree names on our virtual scroll below, which will remain on our Web site throughout the year.

We invite anyone who would like to honor a loved one, and have that loved one added to our Lights of Love 2013 scroll, to download donor form and learn more.


Dr. Paul and Heather Corcoran

Jackson Radiology Consultants

Mobile Hyperbaric Centers

Dr. Sadasiva Reddy

Bright Lights

Brian and Jane Adamczyk

Nitin and Bina Ambani

David Ames

Nancy Anderson

Nick Arcaro

Ned J. Bacon DDS

Ondrea Bates

David and Patti Benson

Kathi and Bruce Bigelow

Blair's Car Care

Albert G. Bonney Sr.

The Carole Briggs Family

Bob Brooker

Their Family

Theodore E. Bryan

Larry and Val Bullen

Tom and Sherrie Campbell

Karen Chaprnka

Terri Clark and Family, and Clifford and Kathy Murdock

A. P. Cook

David Craft

Mari Craft

Sandra Craft

Aida Bodour

Dennis Drake

Ken and Carole Empey

Nancy Evanson

Donald and Eileen Falk

Gary and Shelly Farhat

Michael Fill, D.O.

Stephanie and Doug Finch

Georgia Fojtasek

Mike Foust

Gerald Franklin

Anthony Gardner

Ann Gawlik

Wynn Hazen

Jim and Diane Heisel

Charles and Thelma Henry

Dr. Hirth

Elwin M. Johnson

Molly Kaser

Dr. and Mrs. Ray King

Florence Kirkpatrick

Diane Kline

Geri Knapp

Danny and Gerrilee Lacy

Jon and Donna Lake

Jean Laughlin

James A. Lefere Family

Ted Lefere

Dr. Leventer and Dr. Anzicek

Bev Ludwig

Patty Maino

Markowski & Company, CPA's

Alice Medlar

David & Gretchen Mikelonis

Constance Miller

Scott and Linda Minniear

John and Elaine Mogerman

The Narkiewicz Family

Chad Noble

Dr. Piyush and Vasu Patel

Vincent E. Pesiri, MD

Sherry and Ed Piper

Joyce Ruppel

Curtis and Kay Schmitt Family

Mike Shore

Vincent and Cheryl Simonetti

The Carlton Family

Dea, Trey, Hannah, and Livi Talmage

Albert Thorrez

Jeoffrey Thorrez

Malcom Trimble

Thomas Trosin

Walton Agency

Rick and Charlie Warren

Debra Weaver

Lydia Weeks

Denny and Marcia Whitehead and Charlene Sheehan

Grant and Tera Wiig

Elizabeth Roberts Williams

Your Family

Gary and Pam Wolcott

Ann Wolf

Michael and Tracy Yangouyian

Diane Zimmer

Lee and Helen Zimmerman

In Memory of: Donor
Leland H. Alley Ina Marie Alley
Rajnikant Ambani Nitin and Bina Ambani
Rajnikant Ambani Karen Chaprnka
Rajnikant Ambani Georgia Fojtasek
Jeff Ambler Anthony Gardner
Kyee McKown Ames David Ames
Stephen Ames Rose Marie Sager
Charles (Bud) and Mildred Anderson Todd and Linda Elliott
Patricia Anderson Georgia Fojtasek
Patricia Anderson Chad Noble
Patricia Anderson Volunteers of Allegiance Health
Patricia L. Anderson Charles E. Anderson
Elizabeth Arango Jenny Wren
Pat Arcaro Nick Arcaro
Carol Babcock Dorothy Lyons
D. Justin Babcock Norma Babcock
Dick Babcock Carol Schaffner
Stanley Babcock Volunteers of Allegiance Health
Charles Bacon Ned J. Bacon DDS
Virginia Bacon Ned J. Bacon DDS
Randy Bardwell Linda
Randy Bardwell Doug Harris
Marilyn Ann Barone William A Barone
Linda Sue Bauer Heather Johnston
Linda Sue Bauer Jonathan Rice
Beverly Becker Brian and Jane Adamczyk
Ruth and Russ Bengel Jean
Adiline C. Bennett Connie Bennett
Richard John Bennett Connie Bennett
Loyal LeRoy Benson David and Patti Benson
Mary Ellen Benson Keith and Eleanor Rowlison
Terri Lynn Bice David and Valerie Straka
Fred W. Biedermann Connie Bennett
Kathryne Elsie Biedermann Connie Bennett
Walter Biel Dave and Terri Logan
Douglas Black Tim and Lana Black
Gloria Black Tim and Lana Black
Joann Blackmere Jim and Alice Walworth
Wanda L. Blair Blair's Car Care
Kenneth Blanchard Eleanor Blanchard
Anahid and Megerditch Bodour Aida Bodour
Kouko D. Bonney Albert G. Bonney Sr.
William Boody Volunteers of Allegiance Health
Juanita Oe Boroughf Nora M. Boroughf
David Bournay Volunteers of Allegiance Health
Leo J. Brannick Genevieve Brannick
Richard and Pauline Brazee Tim and Mary Cagney
John "Sandy" Briggs The Carole Briggs Family
Donny Brigham Don and Carol Anderson
Mildred Britten Volunteers of Allegiance Health
Robert and Dorothy Bronson Diana (Bronson) Eoll
Marcia Brooker Bob Brooker
Denniston I. Brown Isabelle S. Brown
Matthew and Margaret Bruce Marian Bliznik and the Bruce Family
Matthew and Margaret Bruce Their Family
Janet L. Bryan Theodore E. Bryan
Mary Bryant Volunteers of Allegiance Health
Buddy Volunteers of Allegiance Health
G. Rex Bullen, M.D. Larry and Val Bullen
Gladys Bullen Larry and Val Bullen
Richard G. Bunker B.J. Bunker
Judy Burkey Volunteers of Allegiance Health
Maureen Burzynski John and Elaine Mogerman
Kathleen Bushart The Narkiewicz Family
Mr. Robert Butler Connor and Amelia
Walt and Margaret Cagney Tim and Mary Cagney
William Campbell Jr. Tom and Sherrie Campbell
William J. Campbell Jr. Dea Talmage
Patricia Carlton The Carlton Family
Al Carpenter Mary Blair
Cynthia "Trudy" Carpenter Chad Noble
Cynthia G. Carpenter Mary Blair
James "Bud" Carpenter Chad Noble
Travis Sean Carrier Martha Gizynski
Linda Beach Castillo Jami Lowstuter
Abby Chaprnka Georgia Fojtasek
Michael Chaprnka Karen Chaprnka
Michael Chaprnka Georgia Fojtasek
Michael J. Chaprnka Beth A. Smith
Mike Chaprnka Beth A. Smith
Vangel Christoff Nora
Myong-il Chu Shirley Chu
Francis "Jerry" Clark Volunteers of Allegiance Health
Francis “Jerry” Clark Georgia Fojtasek
Jackson S. Clark Stephanie and Doug Finch
Jerry Clark Mary Lou 
Paul Clark Jenny Wren
Paul T. Clark Nancy and Caren Clark
Rowland Clark Paula Durbrow
Gladys Coe Georgia Fojtasek
Marjorie Cochran Georgia Fojtasek
Miranda Evangelene Cole Danny and Gerrilee Lacy
John H. Collister Tim and Lana Black
Vivian Collister Tim and Lana Black
Helena and Joseph Conley John Conley
Harold W. Cooley Shirley Cooley
Joseph Costantini Dick Costantini
Teresa Costantini Dick Costantini
Cregg P. Craft Mary Bassott
James M. Craft Mari
Robert D. Craft David Craft
Robert D. Craft Sandra Craft
Fred Crampton Karen Chaprnka
Fred Crampton Georgia Fojtasek
Fred Crampton Dea Talmage
Fred and Luella Crawford Eleanor Blanchard
Marlin F. Crawford Donna M. Crawford
W. Dale and Dorothy Cryderman Dale and Elizabeth Cryderman
Mildred Cummings Volunteers of Allegiance Health
Kay Cumminngs Volunteers of Allegiance Health
Shirley J. Cunningham Shirley Chu
Daniel Dailey Mark R. Dailey
Sandra K. Danielson Hattie T. Oexler
Raymond Davies Dea Talmage
Mary Kate Davis Charlotte Kirkner
Josephine DeBease Volunteers of Allegiance Health
Dorothy Decker Russel
Norbert E. Dempski Helen Dempski
Bob Dennis Georgia Fojtasek
Robert Dennis Allegiance Health
Christopher Ellsworth DesJardins Christine et Robert DesJardins
Robert DeVisme Arlene 
Charles H. Dewey, Jr. Mary L Dewey
Allen Diebold Susan
Caroline Diebold Susan
John Diebold Susan
Mary Fran Diebold Susan
Betty Dillon Howard and Phyllis Dillon
Carol Dillon Howard and Phyllis Dillon
Cindy Dillon Diane Zimmer
Ken Dillon Ted Lefere
Kenneth Dillon Volunteers of Allegiance Health
Kenneth G Dillon Gary and Sandy Crowley
William and Julia Dillon Howard and Phyllis Dillon
Bob Dittis Marge Dittis
Art and Betsy Dolan Jenny Cochran
Carol Donaldson Tim and Diane Donaldson
Marie Doney Milas Doney
Duane A. Dorgan Nancy Kless
Kirk Dowding Dea, Trey, Hannah, and Livi Talmage
Ann M. Drake Dennis Drake
Leon Duffield Volunteers of Allegiance Health
Edwin Dunham Kimberly Dunham
Cathleen Dunn Mary O'Neil
Cathleen Mary Dunn Georgia Fojtasek
Mary and Edward Dzikowicz Alberta Ziepiela
Juliette Nichols Eby Susan Anderson
Anna Marie Eder Linda Eder
Robert Thomas Edwards Jim and Diane Heisel
Barbara Elliott Neeta Delaney
Will and Jane Elliott Todd and Linda Elliott
Kenneth L. Empey Ken and Carole Empey
Lois Ethridge Jon and Donna Lake
Kanka/McCluskey Family Kanka Family
Edward Farhat Gary and Shelly Farhat
Jack Farmer Brad and Cheryl
Angela Jane Faust Brian, Alice and Angela Kolb
Ruth N. Faust Kathleen Mannor-Boertman
Hugh Federer Your Family
Gloria Federer-Stevens Your Family
Donna Ferris Georgia Fojtasek
Donna Moehn Ferris Brian and Jane Adamczyk
Larry Fetters Jennifer Camburn
Larry Fetters Chad Noble
Larry Fetters Karen Fetters
Pat Field Doris Field
Everett Finch Allegiance Health
Robert C. Finch Stephanie and Doug Finch
Catherine Jarmon Finton Bob, Marcia, and Larry Finton
Dr. Robert E. Finton Bob, Marcia, and Larry Finton
Kelly Lynn Fitzpatrick David and Valerie Straka
Dorothea Fleming Jenny Wren
Dad Georgia Fojtasek
Joe and Mary Fojtasek Georgia Fojtasek
Joe Fojtasek Georgia Fojtasek
Sue A. Foltz Robert Getschman
Sue A. Foltz Justin Rezac
Welby E. Foster Sharon Foster
Jane Foust Mike Foust
Philip M. Fowler Barbara and Lindsay Fowler
Catherine L. Franklin Gerald Franklin
Myer and Lois Franklin Deborah and Frederick Marshall
Dale Friesen Barb Friesen
Jean E. Frizzell Lewis Frizzell
Flora and Stephen Fullman Georgia Fojtasek
Joe and Mae Fullman Georgia Fojtasek
Irene Gardner The Gardner Family
Louise E. George Dennis Spencer
Melvin Gill Jewel
Ruth Dorfman Glick Cathy and Larry Halman
Joette Glover Sue Noe
Wanda Goetz-Beiswenger Bill Beiswenger
Virginia B. Gorton Shaniah Alishio
Virginia B. Gorton Ginny Robbins
Virginia B. Gorton Amy Shanes
Barbara Sue Grady Carrol Grady and Clyde Grady
Thomas Lynn Grady Carrol Grady and Clyde Grady
Henry "Jay" Graebner II Georgia Fojtasek
Leo Griehs Ray and Virgina Lumley
Rose F. Griehs Ray and Virgina
Michael Burton Grimm The William Termans
Helen K. Groves Beverly Gipe
Helen Kay Groves Jo and Bernie Gipe
Francis Grzenda Richard F. Grzenda
Joy Grzenda Richard F. Grzenda
Matthew Grzenda Richard F. Grzenda
Walter and Stella Grzesek Rick and Charlie Warren
Michael Gumper Uncle Arnold and Marie
Joy Gyurkovitz Ann Gawlik
Larry Haire Allegiance Health
Larry Haire Georgia Fojtasek
Dick Halsey Carol Schaffner
Richard Halsey Betty Halsey
Richard L. Halsey Dave and Natalie Halsey
Robert S. Hamilton Ken and Carole Empey
John Hammersley Carolyn
Duane H. Hammond Joyce Hammond
Jennifer Hards Krista Hards and Aunt Sandy
Charles Edwin Harkness Jan Tornga
Beatrice M. Harrington Mary Jacobs
Audrey Harris Volunteers of Allegiance Health
Barbara Harris Karen Chaprnka
Pamela Zimmerman Harty Lee and Helen Zimmerman
Winston Hazen Wynn Hazen
Geraldine A. Heinzelman Mike and Sandy Nott and Family
Neil Hendershot Rosalie Hendershot
Lloyd Herndon The Mayotte's
Lloyd Herndon Bette
Thomas Hertler Mark R. Dailey
Wanda Hertzer Chad Noble
Wanda Hertzer Volunteers of Allegiance Health
Dolores Hession Terry Trumble
Phyllis Higginbottom Samuel Higginbottom
Phyllis M. Higginbottom Samuel Higginbottom
Cynthia L. Higgs Elton Higgs
Frederick W. Hilliker Marion J. Hilliker
Beatrice Hills Georgia Fojtasek
Murrel L. Hines Ed and Diane Hines
Mary and Alexander Hirst Debbie, Jim, Michael, and Jeannine Magowan
Rose Hoch The Cook Family
Ruth Anne Hoffman George H. Hoffman
Sharon Hoffman Tim and Lana Black
Charlie and Nancy Hogle The C. Hogle Family and Their Children
Elizabeth Hopkins Volunteers of Allegiance Health
Clifford Howard Sigrid Howard
Lois Hoyt Joe and Sue Koziol
Diane Huetteman The Zande Family
Maurice W. Huffer N. Dermit
Maurice W. Huffer Lani Manseau
Maurice W. Huffer Beverly Mroczka
Tricella J. Huggett Edward Handley
Shirley A. Huntoon Joyce Howard
Larry Irby Paula Durbrow
Randy Irby Paula Durbrow
Irene and Bob Jackson Nancy Evanson
Lawrence E. Jennings Nancy Jennings
Jewel Joyce Howard
Carole Johnson Allegiance Health
Carole Johnson Georgia Fojtasek
Daniel Johnson Karen Johnson
Tim Judge Mom and Dad
Stanley Jurasek Betty Jurasek
Dawn C. Karr Tim and Diane Donaldson
Dr. J. P. Kaar The Karr Kids
Bob Kanka Loving Wife
Bob Kanka Your Loving Family
Bobby Kanka Loving Mother
Boobie Kanka Your Loving Family
Marcy Keefe-Slager Georgia Fojtasek
Isaac James Keeler Bob and Erlene Keeler
Nathan Thomas Keeler Bob and Erlene Keeler
Mary and Wally Keep Sharon and Bob Gregurich
James A. Keersmaekers Marilyn Dluge
James A. Keersmaekers Tina Dluge
Jim Keersmaekers Georgia Fojtasek
Jim Keersmakers Volunteers of Allegiance Health
Jean Keil Muriel Zenz
Fred Kempf Margaret
Betty Kendall Volunteers of Allegiance Health
Gordon Kent Sherry and Ed Piper
Mabel S. Kiley Dennis Kiley
Edith King Susan
Jack King Susan
John J. King Susan
Maxine King Susan
Ray King, Sr. Dr. and Mrs. Ray King
Ray H. King Sr. Pat King
Scotty King Chuck and Cindy
Vietta King Chuck and Cindy
Suzanne Warner Kingsley Rhoda and Jeannette
Kirk, Pop-Pop-Dad Florence Kirkpatrick
Marie Klatt Alison Kistner
Jesse Cheyenne Klave Grandma and Grandpa Doerr
Kevin William Klave Grandma and Grandpa Doerr
Skylar Raine Klave Grandma and Grandpa Doerr
Keith and Dolores Kline Diane Kline
Maryann Kobb Allegiance Health
Maryann Kobb Georgia Fojtasek
Maryann Kobb Doug Harris
Wells Kollar LuLu
Edward Kropf Georgia Fojtasek
Edward and Sabrina Kwaske Edward Kwaske Jr.
Ruth and Donald Ladd Brook and Patricia Ladd
Edward C. Lake Sr. Jon and Donna Lake
Wanda Lake Jon and Donna Lake
John LaLonde Diane LaLonde
Doris Lamb Allegiance Health
Doris Lamb Georgia Fojtasek
Marie C. Lance Connie Bennett
Al and Ida Lau Carol Woodhurst
Guy Laverock Brian and Jane Adamczyk
Marilyn Lawrence Jenny Wren
James Lazaroff Georgia Fojtasek
Carrie Leattshal Brian and Jane Adamczyk
Dan LeBlanc Jenny Wren
Nyla Lebsack Katie Ellis
Nyla Lebsack Joe and Sue Koziol
Jeffrey S. LeButt Love, Mom
Mary Lou Lefere James A. Lefere Family
Denise "SisAnn" Lehman Darby
Wilfred "Bill" Lehman Marilyn Lehman
Joe and Lillian Lesch Jennifer Camburn
Margaret Lewellyn Leo and Carol McCrum
Linda Liebe Dad and Mom
Esther Lobdell Chuck and Cindy
Steve Lobdell Chuck and Cindy
Ruth London Kevin Hucke
Ruth London Bobbye Sue Albrecht
Christine Longacher Jenny Wren
Mary Lou Lefere Mary O'Neil
Dale C. Loveland Jana and Ed
Enid M. Loveland Jana and Ed
Frank Lozier Georgia Fojtasek
Frank Lozier Volunteers of Allegiance Health
Jerry Ludwig Georgia Fojtasek
Richard Ludwig Bev Ludwig
Stanley Ludwig Mackenzie Anders
David Lunsky Doris Lunsky
David Lunsky Beth A. Smith
Lou Lunsky Beth A. Smith
Louis Lunsky Doris Lunsky
Morey Lunsky Doris Lunsky
Morey Lunsky Beth A. Smith
Dr. Jim Lyons Dorothy Lyons
Dad and Mom Mahoney Sr. Donald and Gail
Sylvester and Evelina Mahoney Sr. Donald and Gail
Jane Maki Louise Fuller
Dennis L. Marinack Constance Rheinecker
K. Laverne & Iris Markowski Markowski & Company, CPA's
Elaine Martin Joe and Sue Koziol
Lewis N. Masters Wife and Family
Matt Maxson Eleanor Maxson
Richard Maxson Joseph Delombarde
Richard Maxson Eleanor Maxson
Frank Mayotte Bette
Mollie Mayotte Bette
James McAllister Georgia Fojtasek
Donald P. McArthur Phyllis McArthur
Ray McArthur Irene Waters
James McCann Evelyn McCann
Dave McCormick, RN Sheryl McCormick
Tom McElroy Sue St. Charles
H. E. (Curley) McGrath Maxine McGrath
Terry D. McKown McKown Family
Mrs. Mary McLaury St. Aidans Episcopal Church
Robert McMillan Christine et Robert DesJardins
James Mead Howard and Phyllis Dillon
Charles and Ruth Meadows Carol Woodhurst
Dr. Robert E. Medlar Dolly
Husband Albert Medler Verna Medler
Gerry Middlebrook Mary Lou 
Wilfredo S. Mijares, M.D. Manny and Fely Tuazon
F.C. Mikelonis David & Gretchen Mikelonis
Blaine Miller Michelle Van Andel
Charles L. Miller Frank Cherniawski
Charles L. Miller Stephanie Finch
Charles L. Miller JoAnne Gaffney
Charles L. Miller Alice Mulhearn
Charles L. Miller Julie Repasy
Charles L. Miller, D.O. Constance Miller
Charles Miller Georgia Fojtasek
Dorothy Miller Jackie Miller
Dorothy Miller Laurie
Dorothy Miller Armondi and Amaya
Marcia Miller Chuck
Marcia (Reeser) Miller Melvin-Bonnie Resser and Family
Winifred Mills Warren Mills
L. and B. Minniear Scott and Linda Minniear
John Mirco Flo Robinson
Carleen Mogilnicki Rick and Charlie Warren
Monica Kathi and Bruce Bigelow
Ada Moore Georgia Fojtasek
The Annis Moore Family Howard and Phyllis Dillon
Norm Moran Dea, Trey, Hannah, and Livi Talmage
Carolyn Morris Volunteers of Allegiance Health
Rose Halman Morrison Cathy and Larry Halman
Steve Morrison Diane Zimmer
Edmund Moske Mary Ellen Moske
Dave Mullholand Volunteers of Allegiance Health
Eleanor Murdock Terri Clark and Family, and Clifford and Kathy Murdock
Eleanor Murdock Volunteers of Allegiance Health
Beulah Murray Georgia Fojtasek
Karen Myers Allegiance Health
Karen Myers Dr. Leventer and Dr. Anzicek
Red Natschke Bev
H. and M. Nelson Scott and Linda Minniear
Doris Newcomb Keith and Eleanor Rowlison
Harold L. Nichols Dorothy Nichols
Edna M. Nickolai Lee Mays
Marvin M. Noble Chad Noble
Dick Nott Ruth Nott
Kenneth L. Oexler Hattie T. Oexler
Lynn Orfgen Georgia Fojtasek
Kathy Pease and Carol Omo Ann Swain
Gil O'Rourke, M.D. Cindy O'Rourke
Sybil E. Ott Mildred Lairson
Vic Owens Georgia Fojtasek
Linda Papallo Georgia Fojtasek
Marcy Parker Allegiance Health
George D. Parkinson Elizabeth Pildis
George Parkinson Volunteers of Allegiance Health
John Parsons Diane Zimmer
Fred Percival Zala Percival
Fred Pesetsky Georgia Fojtasek
Donna Petersen Georgia Fojtasek
Donna Petersen Becky, Dan, and Coby
Donna Petersen Volunteers of Allegiance Health
David Petroski Michael Petroski
Eleanor Petroski Michael Petroski
Sigmund Petroski Michael Petroski
Charles (Tiny) Phillips Jackie Phillips Smith
Harold Piper Sherry and Ed Piper
Theresa Piper Sherry and Ed Piper
Cora Pollard Richard Pollard
Sara E. Popp Ken Todd
Dennis Powell Michael and Tracy Yangouyian
Frank and Gloria Putra Greg and Betty Putra
Margaret Pyciak Georgia Fojtasek
Margaret Pyciak Volunteers of Allegiance Health
Eddie Pyzik Bobbie Pyzik
E. Jean Raguse Elaine Ruhlandt
Lillian S. Raguse Elaine Ruhlandt
Marvin E. Raguse Elaine Ruhlandt
Walter L. Raguse Elaine Ruhlandt
William Rasmussen Dawn Fehrenbach
Mary Raushenberger Barb and Moe Dwyer
Robert F. Richard Jewell Richards
John Robe Georgia Fojtasek
Margaret Mary (McGlinch) Roberts Elizabeth Roberts Williams
Margaret Rogers Georgia Fojtasek
Mr. Don Rollins St. Aidans Episcopal Church
Annette M. Ross Johnnie and Mamie Ross
Catherine E. Ruhlandt Elaine Ruhlandt
Walter F. Ruhlandt Elaine Ruhlandt
Richard G. Ruppel Joyce Ruppel
Kathryn E. Rupright William Rupright
Kathryn Rupright The Rupright Family
Theodore and Mary Rusiecki Connie Gibson
Helen Saines Shirley Chu
Sami Volunteers of Allegiance Health
Ida M. Savicke Sheila Howe
Bernard J. Sawicki Christopher Hauer
Bernard J. Sawicki Shirley Sutton-Rop
Eldon Sayre Teresa Mast
Gerard Scanlon Vincent and Cheryl Simonetti
Arthur W. Schafer Josephine Schafer
Betty Schaible Richard Schaible
Betty M Schaible The Scott Family
LeRoy B. Scott Marjorie Adams
LeRoy B. Scott Curt Askins
LeRoy B. Scott Jerry Booth
LeRoy B. Scott Sandra Craft
LeRoy B. Scott Helen Fenech
LeRoy B. Scott Yvonne Foley
LeRoy B. Scott Edward Handley
LeRoy B. Scott Arthur Knueppel
LeRoy B. Scott Allan Marzano
LeRoy B. Scott Maxine Shepard
LeRoy B. Scott John Stageman
LeRoy B. Scott Gene Wandel
Robert W. Scott Terri and Suzi
Sharon M. Scott Evelyn Cummings
Frances M. Seburg Dennis Curtis
Frances M. Seburg Donald Smart
Helen M. Shafer Mike and Sandy Nott and Family
Wayne K. Shafer Mike and Sandy Nott and Family
Millie Shedd Christine et Robert DesJardins
Charles and Geraldine Sheehan Denny and Marcia Whitehead and Charlene Sheehan
Valerie Shelters Joe and Sue Koziol
Lucille M. Shenefield Dorothy Lyons
Raymond A. Shepard Nancy W. Shepard
Fred W. Shoksnyder Leona Shoksnyder
Nancy and Heather Shore Mike Shore
Walter Shuberg Sr. Juanita Shuberg
Walter D. Shuberg, Sr. Juanita Shuberg
David Smith Ondrea Bates
Dennis E. Smith Lori Boltz
Dennis E. Smith Robert Frank
Ila Smith Georgia Fojtasek
Ludmilla Smith Beth A. Smith
Nancy L. Smith Nancy Smith
Patrick Eddy Smith Patti
Paul F. Smith Beth A. Smith
JoAnn Smoyer Marie Brown
Hazel K. Soat Cathy Frounfelker
Teresa Soloman Keith and Eleanor Rowlison
W. A. Spicer Family Joan Spicer
Josephine Sprang Greg and Betty Putra
Lucille Sprang Volunteers of Allegiance Health
Mary Spring Dea Talmage
Lynn W. Sprunger Betty Leinbach
Howard Steenrod Joyce Steenrod
Barbara Stowell Paul Stowell
Nina Strait Patty Strait
Harvey J. Stringham Mrs. Marcella Stringham
David Stuart Volunteers of Allegiance Health
Patrick Sullivan Barb Dwyer
Susan C. Swanson Dea Talmage
Beverly Sweets Kathy and Jerry Blackburn
Harold and Bernice Swihart Dave and Shirley
Denzel Swiontek-Charleston Dea, Trey, Hannah, and Livi Talmage
Gerald Tallman Michael McGrath
Gerald Tallman Mike McIntosh
Gerald Tallman Herbert Roberts
Michael Talmage Dad and Mom
Mike Talmage John Conley
Mike Talmage Dea, Trey, Hannah, and Livi Talmage
Jeanette I. Taylor Jack
Taylor Georgia Fojtasek
Emily Thayer Georgia Fojtasek
Stacy Thielen Allegiance Health
Stacy Thielen Georgia Fojtasek
Stacy Thielen Curtis and Kay Schmitt Family
Eileen Thomas Dea Talmage
Elizabeth Thorrez Albert
Henry C. Thorrez Jeoffrey Thorrez
Luke N. Thorrez Jeoffrey Thorrez
Philip G. Tilford Sr. Georgia Fojtasek
Philip Tilford Karen Chaprnka
Seamus Timmons Jenny Wren
Stephen J. Tracy Yvonne Tracy
Whitney Treece Dave and Natalie Halsey
Alan Trimble Malcom Trimble
Norma C. Trinidad Israel F. Trinidad
Raymond C. Trione Anita Trione
Steven C. Trione Anita Trione
Patricia Trosin Thomas Trosin
Dan and Cherie Trudell Lou Gallas
Robert True Diane Zimmer
Frank Turson Helen Turnson
Betty Tyburski Jenny Wren
Deacon Gregory J. VandeVoorde Christine et Robert DesJardins
Vannie Mom
Arleen J. VanSchoick David Stuart
Arleen J. VanSchoick Richard Van Schoick
Marilyn Wakeman Ione Rutledge
Helen Waldron John Root
Sue Walicki Mary Ricciardello
Joan Walter John Daball
Lee Walton Jacque
Lee Walton Walton Agency
Betty M. Ward Bob Ward
Marilyn Ann Ward Volunteers of Allegiance Health
Vickie L Warne Volunteers of Allegiance Health
Vickie L. Warne Her Family
Richard and Timothy Warner Bonnie Warner
Roberta Warren Rick and Charlie Warren
Mr. and Mrs. Allen G. Weatherwax Keith Blackmere
Ace Weaver Karen Chaprnka
Ace Weaver Mark DeNato
Ace Weaver Georgia Fojtasek
Ace Weaver Debra Weaver
Diane (Ginnow) Weber Mom and Dad
J. W. (Jay) Weeks Lydia Weeks
Ralph Welken Karen Chaprnka
Bernie Wernet Rick and Pat Byler
Janice Freda Wetters Karen Chaprnka
Janice Wetters Georgia Fojtasek
Bob Whipple Georgia Fojtasek
Martha Whipple Beth A. Smith
Ray White Brad and Cheryl
Jack Wiegman Joan Wiegman
Rose Ellen Wiggins Doris Lunsky
Rose Ellen Wiggins Beth A. Smith
Donald E. Wilkinson Yvonne Tracy
Patricia Willbee Dea Talmage
Barb Wille Georgia Fojtasek
John Winn Nellie Winn
James Winter Sr. Mary Ricciardello
Kay Winter Mary Ricciardello
Carl and Isabelle Wolcott Gary and Pam Wolcott
Mel Wolf Ann Wolf
Jean Wolverton Volunteers of Allegiance Health
Jean Wolverton Harry Wolverton
Bruce William Wood David and Valerie Straka
Suzanne Woodruff Lisa Woodruff
Johnny R. Woods Kathy Payne
Roberta E. Wright Richard Wright
Kathleen Wurdock Volunteers of Allegiance Health
Jeannette Yangouyian Michael and Tracy Yangouyian
Louis and Marilyn Zande The Zande Family
Eugene J. Ziepiela Alberta Ziepiela
Milt Zimmer Diane Zimmer
Edward Zlotorzynski Volunteers of Allegiance Health
Richard W. Zollweg Denny Zollweg
In Honor of: Donor
Dr. and Mrs. Nitin Ambani Dr. Piyush and Vasu Patel
Dr. and Mrs. Nitin Ambani Dr. and Mrs. Harish Rawal
Richard E. Ambs Irene M. Ambs
Richard G. Ambs Irene M. Ambs
The loved ones of Hop and Nancy Anderson Nancy Anderson
Another Day, Another Memory - A.D.A.M. Beverly K. Wilson
Rhonda Browning Geri Knapp
Mrs. Karen Chaprnka Dr. Piyush and Vasu Patel
Judy Clark Diane Zimmer
Barbara S. Cook A. P. Cook
Denise Day Mac and Joan Day
Judy Dirlam Diane Zimmer
Domestic Violence Survivors Beverly K. Wilson
David and Karen DuPage Doug and Jeanne Jayne
The Don Falk Family Donald and Eileen Falk
Howard Fletcher Marcella Fletcher
Mrs. Georgia Fojtasek Dr. Piyush and Vasu Patel
George and Dorothy Gancsos George Gancsos and Teresa Danko
Jack and Jan Haedicke Grant and Tera Wiig
Betty Halsey Dave and Natalie Halsey
Dr. and Mrs. David Halsey Dr. Piyush and Vasu Patel
Dr. and Mrs. David Lee Halsey Your Mother
Marie Hullinger Diane Zimmer
Niles and Wilma Johantgen Connor and Amelia
Pat Kay Hazel Bieskie
Mr. Terry Keys Dr. Piyush and Vasu Patel
Dr. and Mrs. Ray King Dr. Piyush and Vasu Patel
Kevin Krominga Diane Zimmer
Dr. and Mrs. Charles Medlar Dr. and Mrs. Harish Rawal
Dr. and Mrs. Mohan Kulkarni Dr. Piyush and Vasu Patel
Dr. and Mrs. Jon Lake Dr. Piyush and Vasu Patel
Doris Lunsky Beth A. Smith
The Maino/Clark Family Patty Maino
Carol Miles Tom and Geri Cushman
Margaret Moffat Jeanne Jayne
Flora Morris Debby
Kenneth M. Ofiara Janice Gutierrez
Dr. and Mrs. Piyush Patel Dr. and Mrs. Harish Rawal
Oncology Patients Dr. Hirth
Cathy Peterson Doug and Jeanne Jayne
Trenton and Elaine Pruitt Edd
Mrs. Robyn Pulliam Dr. Piyush and Vasu Patel
Dr. and Mrs. Harish Rawal Dr. Piyush and Vasu Patel
Colleen Rutan LeEarl & Doris Rutan
Jacqueline and Chris Sanford Mom
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Schultz Dr. Piyush and Vasu Patel
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Shirkey Dr. Piyush and Vasu Patel
Mrs. Lilly Sill Connor and Amelia
Dr. Simonetti, Dr. Macha, and the CUB Unit Fran Adams
Marcia K. Smith Elwin M. Johnson
Del Sparks Georgia Fojtasek
Donna Treece Dave and Natalie Halsey
Volunteers of Allegiance Health Dea Talmage
Lydia Weeks Mary Lou 
Mary Carol Weir Jason and Kristin Flick
Shirley Werk Diane Zimmer
The Daniel W Wert Family Jamie Pahl
Frances Wiarda Molly Kaser
Gail Willis Barbara Willis
Katelyn Wilson Mom
John Worsham Carolyn Worsham


Virginia Beers

Joan Boldrey

Craig Borden

Delores Center

Tom and Nancy Cooper

Dr. Paul and Heather Corcoran

Jose Edurese

Michael Fill, D.O.

Lindsay Fowler

Charles and Thelma Henry

Arnie and Pat Hillman

Naseer Humayun

Jackson Radiology Consultants

Mobile Hyperbaric Centers

Timothy R. Murray

Vincent E. Pesiri, MD

Sherry and Ed Piper

Earl Poleski

Dr. Sadasiva Reddy

William M. and Laura Dwyer Schlecte

St John the Evangelist Knights of Columbus Council #8392

Jeanne Rick-Wells

Mr. Arnold Spaan

David and Tracy Spring

Karen E. Turner

Unexplained shortness of breath, panting or the inability to take a deep breath may be warning signs of a heart attack, with or without chest pain. Call 911 if you experience these symptoms.