This specially designed healing environment has been created to extend an exceptional, supportive experience to our patients and their families. The expanded Cancer Center offers technologically advanced care in a healing environment, which includes calming decorative art, increased natural lighting and soft music to soothe both patients and their families who are facing a stressful and vulnerable time. 

Other special features of the Gayle M. Jacob Cancer Center include:

  • Cancer Center Infusion area
  • More than double the former space available, from 4,370 to 9,960 square feet
  • Increased number of exam rooms
  • Sixteen infusion rooms with patient-controlled temperatures, capability for increased privacy, televisions with headsets for each patient as well as a garden with a waterfall to promote comfort and emotional well-being
  • Six private patient scheduling areas
  • Patient Navigator and consulting rooms to provide individualized attention
  • Cutting edge complementary and integrative medicine options
  • Technologically advanced radiation therapy, including a TruBeam® linear accelerator that precisely targets cancer cells while avoiding healthy tissue, and chemotherapy IV robotics

Severe chest pain is not always present with a heart attack, especially for older adults, people with diabetes and women. They may experience sudden shortness of breath, coughing, dizziness, fatigue or weakness. Don’t take a chance. Call 9-1-1.