An Open Letter to the Jackson Community

Allegiance Health has provided, and continues to provide, the very highest levels of cardiovascular care.

Allegiance Health has provided, and continues to provide, the very highest levels of cardiovascular care. Because we have determined it is in the best interest of the organization and the community, we entered into an agreement with the Department of Justice regarding billing for allegedly unnecessary cardiac procedures performed by one of our cardiologists. While we disagree with the allegations made by the government, we believe the organization is best served by not diverting vital community resources in a lengthy litigation.

We’re very proud of the work done every day at Allegiance and of the cardiovascular program in particular, and while we understand the concern this may cause, it is important that members of this community know they can continue to feel confident about the care we provide.

Allegiance has taken a number of actions over the past several years to ensure the quality and safety of our cardiology services. We have significantly enhanced the documentation requirements to ensure that there is a clear record to substantiate all cardiology procedures performed. We have also instituted additional processes to ensure appropriateness of the care we provide.

We brought in a series of experts to evaluate our processes and ensure they were evidence-based and best practice. These experts confirmed the exceptional quality of our care in our catheterization lab. Where they identified opportunities for improvement, our medical staff led the improvement process, including a policy that establishes evidence-based criteria to evaluate the appropriateness of critical medical procedures.

We have set up a toll free phone number at (888) 807-7633 that is staffed by Allegiance nurses and dedicated a portion of our website to answer questions from the community. We will work with patients and their primary care physicians to ensure they are receiving the best care.

We are consistently identified as a leader in quality and safety, and have been widely recognized by leading independent organizations for the care we provide.  In February 2013, Healthgrades, an independent national leader in measuring health care quality and safety, designated Allegiance one of “America’s 100 Best Hospitals.” Healthgrades also awarded Allegiance the Coronary Intervention Excellence Award in 2012, placing Allegiance’s program in the top 10% of programs nationally.

Our excellent outcomes tell our story, and we believe this experience will ultimately make us a better organization. 

Georgia Fojtasek
President & CEO

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