Billing & Insurance

We understand that insurance and billing can be frustrating, and want to help make it as easy as possible for you. The following information is intended to help you and your family as you receive and review bills. If you have questions about your specific health care insurance coverage, please contact your insurance provider.

  • Learn what to expect from our billing process, the additional parties you may receive bills from and your payment options.
  • We are committed to helping answer your questions regarding insurance, billing and pricing. That's why we put together this FAQ.
  • As a patient, you have certain rights and responsibilities regarding insurance and billing.
  • Allegiance Health submits insurance claims for our patients, so it is important to keep us informed and updated about all your health insurance coverage.
  • Allegiance Health is a participating provider with Medicare and Medicaid. Learn more specifics about the coverage you will receive from these programs.
  • For patients who do not have insurance, or for those who owe a balance after insurance has paid, Allegiance Health offers a number of options for resolving the balances you are responsible for paying.

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