Payment Options & Financial Assistance

For patients who do not have insurance, or for those who owe a balance after insurance has paid, Allegiance Health offers a number of options for resolving the balances you are responsible for paying.

If you cannot make a full payment at the time you receive a service or at the time you receive your first bill, Allegiance Health offers the following options to assist you:

  • Payment Plan: Your payments would be based on the balance due divided by the number of months allowed to pay in full. 
  • Compassionate Care: This program is based on your gross income (the amount of money you make before taxes) and the number of dependent family members in your household. Please contact our Customer Service department to learn if you may qualify for this program.

If you would like assistance in establishing payment for Allegiance Health services, please use the following contact information:

  • Patients in the hospital now, call (517) 788-4973
  • Patients planning care in the future, call (517) 788-4973
  • Patients who have already received care, call (517) 788-4920

Financial Assistance Program

Recognizing its charitable mission, it is the policy of the Allegiance Health to waive or discount balances due from patients who do not have the ability to pay for necessary health care. Allegiance Health offers full and partial discounts to our patients based upon their income and assets.

The following requirements for receiving financial assistance sponsored by Allegiance Health apply:

  • Patient or representative submits a complete application.
  • Patient or representative supplies requested documentation of income and assets.
  • Patient or representative submits an annual update application and documentation. The application will be processed using current-year standards, and any indicated changes in discounting or payment terms will be implemented. Failure to comply with this requirement may result in a cancellation of monthly payment terms and a demand for payment in full. Discounts originally granted in the first year will not be reversed.
  • Services for which discounting is being requested are not eligible for third-party reimbursement, including Medicaid or other state/community programs.
  • The patient/family must comply with any appropriate application and/or appeal for Medicaid or other program eligibility. The hospital provides assistance with Medicaid applications and appeals.
  • If Medicaid eligibility is denied because an otherwise eligible and able person (or representative) fails to comply with the Medicaid application and eligibility determination, Allegiance Health may elect not to extend any discounts.
  • Patient must reside in the organization’s service area.
  • Household income must be at a level that qualifies for discounting.
  • Household assets can not exceed the guidelines. Certain valuables will not be considered assets under this policy. Excluded are automobile, cash on hand at the levels defined per household size, and homestead property.
  • If the patient’s household assets exceed the eligibility limit for financial assistance, the patient can reduce assets to an eligible level by making a payment on his/her hospital bill. The remaining balance of the bill will then be 100 percent eligible for financial assistance.
  • Balances after discounts will be set up for minimum monthly payments. If a patient/family fails to make regular monthly payments, the remaining balance may be placed with a full-service collection agency.

We are here to help you. If you have questions, please contact the Allegiance Business Office at (517) 788-4920.

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