Before you are discharged from the hospital, your doctor may order medications for you to take at home. For your convenience, you may have these prescriptions filled at the Allegiance Health Pharmacy - located on the 1st Floor of the hospital, across from the Emergency Department. If you’d like to use the Allegiance Pharmacy, please ask your nurse to have your prescriptions sent there on the morning of your discharge.

Benefits of the Allegiance Pharmacy


  • You can have your prescription filled before you leave, so there’s no need to make an extra trip to a retail pharmacy.
  • You can also request refills later in person, by phone.
  • You can refill or transfer your prescription to the Allegiance Pharmacy so that all of your medication orders are filled at one convenient location. 

Specialty Medications

  • Your local pharmacy may not stock your 
specific medication, delaying your treatment.
  • Allegiance Pharmacy has an extensive inventory of pharmaceuticals.
  • Our Pharmacy can order any medications your physician may prescribe.

Customer Service 

Insurance Verification and Coordination

A Pharmaceutical Care Navigator is available to assist you with coordinating prescription deliveries, insurance verification, prior authorizations, financial assistance and refill monitoring.

Prescription Delivery Program

  • Allegiance Pharmacy offers a same day or next day Home Delivery option for a small additional fee.
  • At your request, Allegiance Pharmacy can fill your take-home prescription and bring
it to you before you leave the hospital or outpatient treatment area, such as oncology infusion therapy. 


  • Allegiance pharmacists will review your current medications to check for any potential drug interactions with your new medication.
  • A registered pharmacist can counsel you on any medication that is new to you and answer any questions you may have about possible side effects. 

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