Depression Management

The Allegiance Depression Management Program helps to effectively treat your depression in order to improve health and quality of life. Regularly scheduled phone calls from a certified health coach will provide support, symptom monitoring, education and skills to help manage your depression.

Benefits of Depression Management

  • Monitoring your depression symptoms and coordinating care with your family doctor and health care team helps determine the most effective treatment options
  • Effective treatment helps you feel better more quickly so there is less chance of the depression returning
  • Gaining depression management skills helps you to manage your depression so that you can function at your best level and decrease the likelihood of another episode
  • Your health coach serves as a resource and can connect you to available community and health services

Your Participation Involves

  • Completing your scheduled follow-up calls
  • Discussing treatment changes with your health coach
  • Learning and practicing depression management skills
  • Attending all scheduled appointments with your health care provider
  • Sharing your concerns with your health care provider

The program is a collaboration with the University of Michigan Depression Center and the Michigan Depression Outreach and Collaborative Care (M-DOCC) program. For more information about the program, please call (517) 817-7547.

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