A mammogram is a digital image of the breast that’s used to detect and evaluate breast changes.  Three of Allegiance Health’s imaging locations are equipped with full-field mammography, which includes a computer-aided detection system (CAD) that assists in detecting breast tissue abnormalities. Breast exams are conducted by certified Mammacare® specialists. All mammography services, technologists, equipment and radiologists are accredited by the FDA and meet the quality standards of the Mammography Quality Standards Act (MQSA).

Digital mammography

Digital mammography looks and feels similar to conventional mammography, but it provides physicians with clear, digital images of the breast, rather than images on film.

This technology allows radiologists to adjust contrast and zoom in on suspicious areas. The digital mammograms can be quickly and efficiently stored on a computer and electronically sent to physician offices.

The American Cancer Society recommends that women age 40 and older have a mammogram every year for as long as they are in good health. Following this guideline improves the chances of early diagnosis and successful treatment.

Mobile Mammography

The Allegiance Mobile Health Coach is a mobile unit that offers both mammography and bone density exams. The Health Coach travels to eight different locations in South Central Michigan: Albion, Adrian, Grass Lake, Brooklyn, Onsted, Mason, Leslie, Vandercook and the Center for Family Health in downtown Jackson.

Free Mammograms for Women In Need

Through a grant from the Mid-Michigan affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure®, the Allegiance Women’s Health Center provides free mammography screening for breast cancer for women in Jackson County who are uninsured, underinsured or low income, and between the ages of 40-59. Women are welcome to call the Allegiance Women’s Health Center at (517) 784-8665 to learn if they qualify

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