Heart & Vascular Center

The heart is one of the most important organs in the body. To help protect your heart, Allegiance Health offers a complete range of cardiovascular services from risk prevention education to open-heart surgery and cardiac rehabilitation. The Allegiance Heart and Vascular Center team has the skill, experience and passion to provide you with the highest level of clinical care. They are also dedicated to making sure you and your family have the personal attention and emotional support you deserve.

Nationally Recognized Care

The Allegiance Heart and Vascular Center ranks among the top ten percent in the nation for heart care, based on independent research by CareChex—a division of Caparion Medical Analytics. CareChex also ranks Allegiance in the top ten percent in the nation for overall medical and surgical care.

Allegiance Health’s emergency angioplasty program consistently beats national best-practice time standards for procedures in which minutes saved mean heart muscle saved.

Experienced Vascular Surgeons

Since 2005, Allegiance Health has offered vascular surgery services to the Jackson community. Our surgeons have performed hundreds of minimally invasive procedures involving the repair of aneurysms, as well as providing continuing follow-up care.

An Advanced Model of Care

The Allegiance Heart and Vascular Center was designed as a Cardiac Universal Bed Unit (CUB), which allows patients to remain in the same room and have the same care team for their entire stay. In addition to being more convenient for patients and their families, the CUB eliminates the physical stress of moving to various floors and promotes a consistent level of care that is proven to be safer for patients and decrease the length of their hospital stay.

Eating one or two servings of fish rich in Omega-3 fatty acids per week, like salmon or tuna, decreases your risk for heart disease and even heart attack.