Programs & Initiatives

Health Improvement Organization

In 2000, Henry Ford Allegiance Health founded the Health Improvement Organization (HIO) with the goal of improving the health of our community through strong partnerships and coordinated efforts. The HIO Coordinating Council is a collaborative of more than 30 local agencies working together to build on existing strengths and resources to support momentum, sustain success and champion a culture of health in our community. Learn more about the HIO.

Community Health Assessment

In 2016, the HIO completed the third community health assessment for Jackson County. The health assessment details the community’s health status and challenges, and can be used by public and private organizations to allocate resources, develop policies and better understand patterns of health and disease. Based on results of the health assessment, the HIO has revised and updated the Community Action Plan aimed at reducing obesity and smoking, as well as improving emotional health among Jackson County residents.

Henry Ford Allegiance Health provides funding for the community health assessment, as well as staffing, and champions many strategies within the community action plan.

Download the full Community Health Assessment and Community Action Plan.

Improving Community Health, Step by Step

Step by Step is an initiative of the HIO dedicated to helping those who live, work and play in Jackson County improve their health and well-being through physical activity and healthy eating. The Step by Step website gives individuals the opportunity to establish customized profiles and goals.

Employer-based Health Management Program

To enhance the productivity and health status of employees, Henry Ford Allegiance Health, through the HIO, created It’s Your Life. The health management program is available to Jackson County businesses seeking a proven strategy to manage costs and improve workforce health. The program includes health risk appraisals, health screenings, health coaching and wellness education. Learn more about It’s Your Life.

Prenatal Task Force

Founded in 2003, the Jackson County Prenatal Task Force (PNTF) is a community collaborative led by Henry Ford Allegiance Health and the Jackson County Health Department. The task force works to collectively implement strategies to reduce infant death rates in Jackson County. Jackson’s infant death rates have historically exceeded state and national averages. However, over the past five years local death rates have declined significantly to below the state rate. Learn more about the Prenatal Task Force.

Faith Community Nursing Partnership

Henry Ford Allegiance Health is pleased to provide support for our local Faith Community Nursing Partnership. Members of the Faith Community Nurse Partnership are registered nurses who volunteer to work alongside members of their faith community to empower them to make positive health choices, while promoting an understanding of the relationship between faith and health. Learn more about the Faith Community Nursing Partnership.

Community Benefit

Each year, Henry Ford Allegiance Health makes a significant investment in the community by providing low-cost or free services and education to supplement normal services. These community benefit programs also serve to extend our mission as a not-for-profit health system dedicated to improving the health and wellness of all community members, regardless of their ability to pay. Many of these programs are run by the HIO. Learn more about our community benefit initiatives.

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