Senior Health

Whether you’re concerned about care options for an older loved one or find yourself in need of additional health services as you age, Allegiance Health’s Senior Health Center offers services designed to meet your needs. Our goal is to keep individuals 65 and older living independently for as long as possible and to prepare them and their families for transitions to the next level of care.

Family Focused

We recognize that care for seniors frequently involves other family members. We work with patients and their families to understand the disease process, create appropriate expectations about their course of care and prepare them for the various decisions they will face.

Caring Team of Professionals

Our dedicated care team includes board-certified physicians, geriatricians, geriatric and advanced care nurse practitioners, and social workers with specialized training and certification in senior health issues. We work closely with senior patients, their families and physicians and various community agencies to assist in improving the patients’ quality of life.

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