Maternal Fetal Medicine Clinic

The Allegiance Health Maternal Fetal Medicine Clinic provides specialized maternity care for women experiencing an “at risk” pregnancy. Our partnership with Integrated Health Associates (IHA) allows women with high risk factors to remain in the community for care. Perinatologists from IHA counsel patients, as well as provide care recommendations for their primary obstetrician.

Perinatology Services

Perinatologists are maternal-fetal medicine physicians who provide consultations on a referral basis to women experiencing
 high-risk pregnancies. Referrals come from your primary obstetrician.

Allegiance Health and IHA perinatologists provide expert care related to:

  • Prenatal diagnosis
  • Pre-conception counseling
  • Maternal age (very young or advanced)
  • Multiple gestations or previous miscarriages
  • Cardiovascular and hypertensive disorders
  • Pre-existing and gestational diabetes
  • Ultrasound evaluation
  • Pregnancy complications

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