Teressa Delph: Eardrum Damage & Hearing Loss

Communication has always been important to Teressa. So, when she started to notice a hearing loss shortly after retirement in 1998, she was concerned.

Wherever she goes, retired Jackson Public Schools teacher Teressa Delph runs into her former students. “I get so many hugs,” she laughs. Communication has always been important to her. So, when she started to notice a hearing loss shortly after retirement in 1998, Teressa was concerned.

Her family doctor referred Teressa to an ear, nose and throat specialist for surgical repair of an eardrum that was damaged by an earlier infection. She was also sent to Allegiance Hearing Center to be fitted with hearing aids for both ears, which was the beginning of a long and positive relationship. 

“The Hearing Center audiologists took very good care of me, and I have been going there ever since,” Teressa said. “I wish more people knew about this great resource, and I would recommend it to anyone.”

Recently, she had her original hearing aids replaced with new digital models that are compatible with the telephone and self-adjust to various voice and sound levels. The sound quality of the new hearing aids is a welcome improvement for Teressa, who enjoys music, playing piano and singing church hymns.

Allegiance Hearing Center keeps Teressa’s hearing aids in tune with a thorough cleaning and check up every six months. She especially appreciates what the staff has taught her about communicating and compensating for hearing loss. “I have learned tips that help me understand and make myself understood more easily with others. Allegiance Hearing Center staff is very knowledgeable.”

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