Oncology Services

Connecting in Meaningful Ways

Breast cancer survivor Diana Miller is happy her treatments are over. “But I actually miss going to Henry Ford Allegiance Health,” she said, “because every day I spent there felt like I was visiting friends.”

The personal level of care she received was especially important to Diana during her double mastectomy and chemotherapy treatments at the Gayle M. Jacob Cancer Center. Looking back, she said, “It was an absolutely fantastic experience. I really can’t think of a single thing I would change or improve.”

Henry Ford Allegiance Health’s newly renovated Cancer Center was designed to enhance healing through color, natural lighting, comfortable furniture and natureinspired works by local artists. Patients receive chemotherapy in individual, curtained areas that look out on a stonework waterfall surrounded by gardens. “It doesn’t feel cold and clinical,” Diana said. “I found the outdoor view very peaceful. I could choose to have privacy when I needed it. Whenever I wanted company, I would open my curtains, and someone from the staff would be there with a smile or a hug.”

What impressed Diana most, however, was the Cancer Center’s team approach to care. “I am amazed at how well the staff works together,” she said. “I saw several different doctors, but they made it clear they consulted each other regularly on my case, and that gave me a sense of security. The communication between nurses was remarkable, too. Henry Ford Allegiance obviously takes great care to hire exceptional, compatible people.”

“When I wanted company, someone from the staff would be there with a smile or a hug.”

Diana Miller

While Diana was receiving treatment at Henry Ford Allegiance Health, a relative and a coworker were being treated at different hospitals out of town. “I felt bad for both of them,” Diana said. “Their care was good, but they never made a connection with the doctors or staff, and they felt isolated instead of supported.”

Diana’s own experience was “the total opposite,” she recalled. “I always received warm, personal attention. The staff kept me informed, so there were no surprises, and they made sure I knew about all the resources available to me.”

Now fully recovered and cancer-free, Diana is enjoying time with her family. “They have been a tremendous support through all of this,” she said.

Our Community’s Support Is Appreciated

Henry Ford Allegiance Health is grateful to our community for supporting the recent renovation of our Gayle M. Jacob Cancer Center through donations to the Henry Ford Allegiance Health Foundation. Your generous gifts make it possible for us to provide the highest quality cancer care in a truly healing environment. Last summer, the Cancer Center received a gift of $31,000 from the 37th annual Tony Open Golf Outing, which took place at the Country Club of Jackson.

“We deeply appreciate the generosity of the Tony Open,” said Foundation President Chad Noble. “Both of our organizations are passionate about ensuring that top quality cancer care is available close to home. Henry Ford Allegiance views this gift as an affirmation of our efforts, as well as an encouragement to do even more for our community.”

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