Waiting Room Renovation

Supporting Patient Families and Visitors

Henry Ford Allegiance Health understands how environment affects a patient’s ability to heal. In designing new patient areas, colors, lighting, artwork, sound and even room temperature are carefully considered to optimize a healing calm and restfulness.

Recognizing that a healing environment is also important for easing the anxiety of visiting family and friends, Henry Ford Allegiance completely renovated its Family Waiting Room in 2013. Located on the hospital’s third floor, the Waiting Room is a busy home to those whose loved ones are in surgery or the Critical Care unit.

Improvements include raised ceilings that enhance a feeling of spaciousness and soothing, energy-efficient lighting with dimmer switches. A slanted half wall creates areas of privacy while maintaining a sense of openness and space. Two flat-screen televisions provide families with viewing options, and contemporary colors and artwork add to a homelike atmosphere.

Shirley Kuhl and her husband, Dick, have been with the Volunteers of Henry Ford Allegiance Health for more than 30 years, always focusing on the needs of families and visitors who are waiting for news of loved ones. “We have seen a lot of wonderful changes at the hospital over the years, and this new Family Waiting Room is one of them,” Shirley said. “The new lighting and higher ceilings really lift the overall mood, and the large windows let us see family members as they come off the elevator, so we can help them find their way. I’ve heard nothing but compliments about the changes.”

“Helping to ease the anxiety of community members awaiting news of their loved ones is well worth the investment.”

Georgia Fojtasek

More than 20 percent of the renovation costs were covered by a $55,000 gift from Henry Ford Allegiance staff who contributed to an earlier Circle of Strength staff giving campaign. The Hospital’s in-house construction crew was able to complete the project $22,000 under budget.

“I am grateful to the Henry Ford Allegiance staff for their continued generosity to our community,” said President and CEO Georgia Fojtasek. “They saw a need to ease the distress of waiting families and got right behind it. I am also amazed by the talent and skill of our in-house Construction Department, whose work on this project is beautiful.”

The Circle of Strength

Henry Ford Allegiance Health staff see the needs of our patients first-hand and support the community and each other through an annual campaign called Circle of Strength. They donate to special projects, to the Staff Assistance Fund for Emergencies (SAFE) and for medical care for uninsured patients.

Graduate Medical Education program$28,507
CareLink Family Lounge renovation project$18,233
SAFE Program$62,423
Patient Charity Care$83,036
2013 Grand Total$192,199


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