How would you rate your level of pain or discomfort today?

Use this interactive pain scale to help determine your current joint comfort level and give you ideas for prolonging joint health. This scale can also help you decide if now is a good time to talk with your doctor or an orthopaedic surgeon about treatment options.

0: No Pain

Maintain a healthy weight and active lifestyle to help keep your joints flexible and on the move.

1-3: Hurts a Little Bit

Your joints feel stiff or uncomfortable every so often after you exert yourself, but it’s very manageable. You can go about your daily tasks without being disrupted by any significant pain. Committing to regular low impact exercises now, such as walking, swimming, bicycling and water aerobics, can help to prolong the life of your joints. If appropriate, weight loss is another way to reduce stress on your joints.

4-5: Hurts a Little More

Discomfort, swelling or pain in your joints becomes part of your daily life. It’s time to talk with your family doctor about non-surgical treatment options, such as the use of ice and heat, braces or other self-help devices like a cane, nutritional supplements, medications or therapeutic injections.

Assess your joint pain further with our free online tool

6-7: Hurts Even More

Pain is making everyday tasks such as grocery shopping or even going out to get the mail a challenge. Taking over-the-counter or even prescription medication is not completely relieving the pain. Talk with your family doctor about additional non-surgical options for addressing pain, including physical therapy.

Assess your joint pain further with our free online tool

8-9: Hurts A Lot More

Your “bad days” far outnumber your “good days.” You are unable to walk any significant distance without severe pain. It’s time to talk with an orthopaedic surgeon about a partial or total joint replacement.

Assess your joint pain further with our free online tool

10: Worst Pain

You can take comfort in knowing the orthopaedic team at Henry Ford Allegiance Health are experts in providing joint replacement options (including partial joint replacement) that can significantly reduce your pain, increase your mobility and give you a much better quality of life.

Assess your joint pain further with our free online tool

Is joint pain affecting your quality of life? Take this free online health risk assessment to find out. You’ll be able to estimate your personal joint pain and identify risk factors that you may be able to improve.