Executive Compensation

Henry Ford Allegiance Health is committed to conducting our operations with transparency and in a financially responsible manner. Complete details of our community benefit work is provided in our annual filing to the IRS on Form 990. This document is required of all tax-exempt, 501(c) (3), organizations, including not-for-profit health systems like Henry Ford Allegiance Health.

In addition to providing details of our community benefit work, IRS Form 990 also outlines compensation for key leaders in the organization.

Compensation Practices

Staff at Henry Ford Allegiance Health embody the culture of excellence and focus on our patients and families that our community deserves. Our goal is to recruit and retain highly qualified staff who reflect our values in the work that they do.

Compensation is market-based, including a comprehensive benefits package.

Special attention is given to highly compensated staff members, including executive leadership and physicians. The IRS Form 990 provides details on compensation for executives and other highly compensated individuals within the health system.

Executive compensation is established as follows:

  • Our executives are accountable for ensuring that Henry Ford Allegiance Health’s mission is efficiently carried out with the highest levels of quality, safety and service, while at the same time ensuring that the organization is financially healthy.
  • Compensation levels reflect the scope of each executive’s responsibilities, educational background, experience and industry standing, as well as individual and organizational performance. Base compensation is targeted at the 50th percentile for comparable positions in the market, similar to the approach and target used for all Henry Ford Allegiance Health staff.
  • The Board Compensation Committee and the Board of Trustees determines executive compensation. The Committee is composed of independent Henry Ford Allegiance Health governance members.
  • The Compensation Committee uses an independent consultant to ensure that Henry Ford Allegiance Health compensation practices and compensation levels are reasonable.

Physician Compensation is established as follows:

  • The Compensation Committee of the Board of Trustees oversees physician compensation.
  • Physician compensation is established and evaluated using data from national and regional sources with the support of an independent consultant.

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