Medical Research

The Importance of Research

At Henry Ford Allegiance Health, our mission is to lead our community to better health and well-being at every stage of life. Research is a key factor in fulfilling this mission.  Our providers, residents and staff research new treatments, study and evaluate the way we do things, and explore ways of ensuring our community has access to current, quality care. 

An environment of scholarly research helps us attract the finest health care providers and encourages research skills in our residents and students.  Our collaboration with community partners, such as schools, non-profits, governmental agencies, businesses and other organizations, helps us to elevate services and provide the best possible care.

Understanding new ideas

Successful projects rely on strong, interdisciplinary collaborations that bring the expertise of many individuals to the table.  This team approach assures rigorous methodology, along with expert skills in project implementation, data analysis, and dissemination of results.  The Department of Research provides support across all of these areas, along with securing internal and external funding.

Improving what we do

Data-driven research efforts help guide many of our performance improvement and quality assurance projects. The Department of Research supports the Institutional Excellence Program, the Nursing Research Council, and other groups and individuals in important projects.

Partnering with industry

Several Henry Ford Allegiance Health staff participate in pharmaceutical or device company sponsored research.  These companies invite health professionals to be site investigators.  Sponsors provide the protocol, analyze the data and prepare reports that are used for approval with the FDA or for marketing.  The Department of Research coordinates these efforts while working directly with the sponsor to assure everything is completed in a timely and accurate manner.

Connecting with our community

Effecting change at the community level is one of the most cost-effective ways of keeping the population healthy.  The Department of Research works with community partners to support the entire scope of research, ranging from needs assessments to comparative effectiveness and outcomes projects.

Start-to-Finish Support 

The Department of Research provides start-to-finish support in the following areas:

  • Research  question development
  • Hypothesis generation
  • Background support
  • Design and methodology
  • Protocol development
  • IRB application
  • Data collection/data entry
  • Analysis
  • Reporting (articles/presentations)
  • Funding requests

We also offer:

Continuing education opportunities

  • Monthly seminars
  • One- to two-day classes
  • Research Grand Rounds

Training programs

  • Student Volunteer Opportunities
  • Scholarly project support for Graduation Medical Education, Graduate Nurse Education and Pharmacy residents

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