Ten Ways to Get the Support You Need

When building a support team to see you through cancer treatment, try to match a person’s strengths to the help you need.

When building your support team, try to match a person’s strengths to the help you need. For example, if you are a quiet person, you might not want to choose a friend who talks a lot to sit with you during your treatments. But he or she might be happy to cook a meal, walk your dog or pick your prescriptions.

  1. Understand that others don’t always know how to help. Ask for specific things you need.
  2. Choose a point person who will update your friends and organize help with tasks.
  3. Choose your team from people you trust and whose company you enjoy.
  4. Include people who are good listeners and don’t offer unwanted advice.
  5. Include someone who can make you laugh.
  6. Avoid those who tend to bring a lot of “drama” with them.
  7. Don’t be afraid to say that you are not up for company.
  8. Think about joining a local  support group, and ask your nursing team for suggestions.
  9. Follow the American Cancer Society’s suggestions for online support.
  10. Show appreciation for those who support you. Remember to say thank you.

Early detection is key to successful cancer treatment. Your health care provider can help you identify your risks and recommend routine screenings that could save your life.