Two Steps to Happier Knees and Hips

Hips and knees are pretty easy to ignore when they’re happy and functioning well.

Hips and knees are pretty easy to ignore when they’re happy and functioning well. Joint pain, on the other hand, can grab your attention quickly and keep you from enjoying life. Try these two steps to prolong the life of your joints and keep them happy.

  1. Move - Daily physical activity, such as walking, swimming, bicycling or water aerobics, helps to keep bones strong, muscles strong and joints limber.
  2. Maintain - Staying at a healthy weight reduces pressure on your joints, slows the destruction of cartilage and makes it easier to exercise effectively.

Living with unhappy knees or hips?

Sit down with your doctor and talk about non-surgical treatment options, such as the use of ice and heat, nutritional supplements, medications, therapeutic injections, or self-help devices like a brace or a cane, to help you keep moving and reduce joint pain.

If you’ve reached the point where your bad days outnumber your good days, you can take comfort in knowing the orthopedic team at Henry Ford Allegiance Health are experts in providing joint replacement options (including partial joint replacement) that can significantly reduce your pain, increase your mobility and give you a much better quality of life.

Our easy to use interactive pain scale can help you determine your current joint comfort level and help you decide when is a good time to talk with your doctor or an orthopedic surgeon about surgical treatment options.

Like to learn more?

Take a quick health risk assessment—the Knee and Hip Profiler—an easy health survey of your everyday activities to assess the function of your knee and hip joints. 


What tricks have you learned to keep your knee or hip pain from flaring up? Share in the comment section below.

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