All interest forms, including internal transfer requests, must be submitted online. Your profile will be immediately sent to our HR Employment Team and you will be contacted by phone or e-mail if you are selected for an interview.

Henry Ford Allegiance Health implemented a new job posting board on June 1, 2010, to provide you with more features and functionality when searching for and expressing interest in a position.

Our system will allow you to express interest in five positions within a seven-day period of time. If you have reached the limit and attempt to do more, you will receive an error message.

You can submit your profile again when you have less than five active positions you've expressed interest in. When other candidates more closely match the qualifications of the position, you will be marked inactive by Human Resources and notified via e-mail. You will then be able to express interest in another position.

Unfortunately, we are not able to remove any positions you have expressed interest in. When you have become marked inactive for a position, you will be able to express interest in another. It is important to express interest only in the positions you are qualified for so that you do not encounter the problem of reaching the limit before you have expressed interest in the position(s) you most desire.

By reducing the number of profiles we have to review for each position, we are better able to carefully review applicants who most closely match the qualifications of the position.

It is important to read the job summary and qualifications before beginning expressing interest in a position to ensure that you meet the requirements. Please be sure to complete all fields on your profile. Incomplete profiles will not be considered.

You may express interest in a position from any computer with internet access. However, if you have a pop-up blocker installed on your computer, you will need to disengage it in order to submit your profile online. Additionally, a valid e-mail address is required.

The status of positions you've expressed interest in can not be shared with you over the phone. However, you may check the status online at any time. To do so, visit the job search page and click "View Submitted Applications". Once logged in, the status of any profile you have successfully submitted will be displayed. You will be notified by an Employment Representative by phone or e-mail if you are selected for an interview. You will also be notified by e-mail if a position has been marked inactive as other candidates who more closely matched the qualifications of the position have been identified. Finally, the status of the open position will be posted on the job board.

Absolutely safe. Our website does require you to enter personal information including your social security number. But all information submitted is confidential, secure and cannot be viewed by any outside source. Our system provides a layer of security called Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to protect your personal data when it is transmitted on the Internet.

When SSL is in place, all data is encrypted as it is sent across the Internet. When data is encrypted, it cannot be read by someone monitoring Internet traffic. This is the same security used when you shop on the Internet or do online banking. When you are visiting a Web site that uses SSL, you will notice the URL in the address line begins with "https" instead of the standard "http".

Internal staff, please express interest in a position online utilizing Henry Ford Allegiance Self Service. If you have not yet logged into the system to set up your user name and profile, you must complete that process before expressing interest in an internal position. Here’s how to set up a user name and password:

  • Go to: from any computer with Internet access.
  • To log on, you’ll need a user name and a default password:
    • User name: Type the first letter of your first name, full last name, 2 digit birth month, and then your 2 digit birth day. Example: Cindy Lu, born 4/25/1989 would be CLu0425
    • Default password: Type the first letter of your last name (must be capitalized), the last four digits of your Social Security number, and your birth year. Example: Cindy Lu, DOB 4/25/1989, SS#123-45-6789, would be L67891989
  • Account Personalization: After you log-in with the default password above, you will be asked to:
    • Create a new password (8 to 15 characters – at least one upper case and one lower case and one number)
    • Establish three security questions and answers (you’ll need these responses to reset your password

Questions? Please call the HRIS Help Desk at (517) 205-4966 for support.

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