Community Partners

Partner with us – to create exceptional care

At Henry Ford Allegiance Health, we’re committed to creating exceptional patient experiences, each and every day. 

Our Community Partners program is a unique way to become actively involved with Henry Ford Allegiance. Through a variety of opportunities, Community Partners share their perspectives and experiences to aid us in providing even better service.

Community Partners can become involved with Henry Ford Allegiance in a number of ways, depending on the interests of the individual. Choices for involvement include:

Community Partners help us gain a customer perspective on a wide range of topics affecting care delivery at Henry Ford Allegiance Health, such as how to make a family waiting area more comfortable and calming, exploring potential new room service features or how people choose their care providers.   Discussion groups are typically no more than 90 minutes and are offered at convenient times throughout the day.

Community Partners are invited to look behind the scenes at key departments and services of the health system. These events include tours and an opportunity to ask questions and provide your impressions. 

As Henry Ford Allegiance Health continues to advance new programs and services, Community Partners play a key role on ad hoc committees and advisory groups. 

Community Partners provide ongoing communication regarding their care experiences – or those of family members or friends.

Our annual events, such as the Henry Ford Allegiance Health Fair, the Henry Ford Allegiance Race to Health, the Henry Ford Allegiance Heart and Vascular Expo, Relay for Life, and disaster drills provide another way Community Partners can volunteer their time and serve our community. 

A 10-minute walk, 5 minutes on the stairs and 15 minutes of cleaning and vacuuming all count toward your goal of 30-minutes of daily exercise.