County-wide Survey Seeks to Understand the Health and Well-Being of Jackson County Residents

Results will be used to help the collaborative network identify where to focus their efforts toward improving health outcomes in the community.

Working in partnership with Henry Ford Allegiance Health, a collaborative network comprised of Jackson’s Health Improvement Organization (HIO), the Cradle to Career Education Network (C2C) and the Financial Stability Network (FSN) will conduct a county-wide survey of residents—the 2017 Collaborative Network Community Survey. The purpose of the survey is to better understand the level of overall physical, emotional, educational and financial health of the community. The results will be used to help the collaborative network identify where to focus their efforts toward improving health outcomes in the community.

“It is our aim to improve the health and well-being of Jackson County. We hope anyone who receives a survey call will take the opportunity to participate, because this information will help us create a healthier community together,” said Amy Schultz, MD, Executive Director, Population Health, Henry Ford Allegiance Health and Medical Director, Jackson County Health Department.

This survey is part of a continual effort to better understand community conditions in Jackson County. Research & Marketing Strategies (RMS), a market research firm based in Syracuse, NY, has been contracted to contact a random sample of households from September through November. Area residents age 18 and older can expect to be contacted through either their land phone line or their cell phone. Information gathered remains anonymous and all RMS surveyors maintain high standards for data security and confidentiality.

“We will use the information supplied by this year’s survey to identify social, economic and academic barriers to success in this community,” said Irene LeCrone, Cradle to Career Education Network Coordinator. “We want to thoughtfully address those barriers and help students of all ages experience accelerated progress and sustained success.”

Once survey results are gathered, action plans will be created that incorporate strategies to address key issues and opportunities for improvement through a collaborative process.

Financial Stability Network Coordinator Carly Coxon said, “As part of the Collaborative Network, FSN seeks to improve the quality of life for Jackson County residents. This survey will give us an updated picture of life in Jackson so that together we can dismantle the social and financial roadblocks on the path to individual accomplishment and prosperity.”

To see results of past surveys or for more information about the Collaborative Network Community Survey, visit

About Cradle to Career Network

Jackson C2C is the network of education and community leaders working together to equitably improve education outcomes in Jackson County. It is the cross-sector, community-based effort to address the root causes of social, financial and academic barriers to student success, from early childhood through adulthood. C2C is a collective impact network, not a program or initiative –it supports purposeful connections between schools, businesses, community resources and people. For more, visit

About Financial Stability Network

FSN is a network of social service and community leaders working together to ensure all people in Jackson County are financially stable and secure with abundant assets and adequate opportunities for growth. For more, visit

About Health Improvement Organization

The HIO, founded by Henry Ford Allegiance Health, is a collaborative of community stakeholders committed to improving the health status of the community through an integrated health improvement infrastructure that addresses Jackson’s priority health issues. Visit for details.

About Henry Ford Allegiance Health

Henry Ford Allegiance Health (HFAH) is a 475-bed health system in Jackson, Michigan. HFAH complements traditional acute care services with mission-based services to support patient care across the continuum at every stage of life. With its Level II Trauma Center, Henry Ford Allegiance Health provides comprehensive care for severely injured patients. As a teaching hospital, Henry Ford Allegiance Health continually looks to the future with its Center for Health Innovation & Education and Graduate Medical Education program. Through its Health Improvement Organization (HIO), HFAH is also a national leader in forming community partnerships that innovatively address wellness and prevention needs across the region.

About Henry Ford Health System

Henry Ford Health System (HFHS) is a six hospital system headquartered in Detroit, Michigan. HFHS is one of the nation’s leading comprehensive, integrated health systems, recognized for clinical excellence and innovation. It provides health insurance and health care delivery, including acute, specialty, primary and preventive care services backed by excellence in research and education. HFHS is a 2011 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award recipient. Visit to learn more.

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