Henry Ford Allegiance Health Deploys Germ-Zapping Robots to Enhance Patient Safety

Henry Ford Allegiance Health is now using germ-zapping robots to destroy dangerous germs on hospital surfaces and further reduce the potential for hospital-acquired infections. The Xenex LightStrike™ Germ-Zapping Robot™ uses Full Spectrum™ pulsed xenon ultraviolet (UV) light to quickly destroy bacteria, viruses, fungi and bacterial spores. The portable disinfection system is also effective against pathogens such as C. diff, norovirus, influenza, Ebola and MRSA.

While UV has been used for disinfection for decades, the germ-zapping robot uses a new technology--pulsed xenon (not mercury bulbs) to create germicidal UV light. Pulsed xenon emits high intensity UVC light, which penetrates the cell walls of microorganisms, fuses the DNA and renders them unable to reproduce or mutate, effectively killing them on surfaces without contact or chemicals.

“The portable germ-zapping robot can disinfect a typical patient or procedure room in four or five minute cycles without warm-up or cool-down times,” said Henry Ford Allegiance Health Director of Hospitality Services Jason Hammond. “It can be used in any department and in any unit within a health care facility, including isolation rooms, operating rooms, general patient care rooms, contact precaution areas, emergency rooms, bathrooms and public spaces.” Hammond also noted that rather than replacing team members who clean rooms, the arrival of the robots has included the addition of two new staff.

Henry Ford Health System is the only health system in the United States to use the Germ-Zapping Robots in every one of its six hospitals.

About Xenex Disinfection Services

Xenex's patented Full SpectrumTM pulsed xenon UV room disinfection system is used for the advanced disinfection of healthcare facilities. Due to its speed and ease of use, the Xenex system has proven to integrate smoothly into hospital cleaning operations. Xenex’s mission is to save lives and reduce suffering by eliminating the deadly microorganisms that cause hospital acquired infections (HAIs). The company is backed by well-known investors that include Malin Corporation, Battery Ventures, Targeted Technology Fund II and RK Ventures. For more information, visit Xenex.com.

About Henry Ford Allegiance Health

Henry Ford Allegiance Health (HFAH) is a 475-bed health system in Jackson, Michigan. HFAH complements traditional acute care services with mission-based services to support the care continuum for all members of the community. Through its Health Improvement Organization (HIO), HFAH is also a national leader in forming community partnerships that innovatively address wellness and prevention needs in the community.

About Henry Ford Health System

Henry Ford Health System (HFHS) is a six hospital system headquartered in Detroit, Michigan. HFHS is one of the nation’s leading comprehensive, integrated health systems, recognized for clinical excellence and innovation. It provides health insurance and health care delivery, including acute, specialty, primary and preventive care services backed by excellence in research and education. HFHS is a 2011 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award recipient. Visit henryford.com to learn more.

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