Medical Records

You generally have the right to read your medical record while you are a patient in the hospital if a designated health care professional is present. After discharge, you have the right to obtain copies of your completed medical record. Communication and records about your care will be treated confidentially.

There may be a charge for the records.

Obtaining Copies of Your Medical Records

  1. Download and complete the Authorization for Release of Protected Health Information
  2. Return the form to Health Information Management in person, or by mail, fax or e-mail (see below)
  3. Your request will be processed in 7-10 business days
  4. Your records will be mailed to you or may be picked up when ready
  5. Your records will not be faxed, unless they are needed immediately by a physician’s office or other health care facility

Records can be released to someone else if specified by you on the Authorization for Release of Protected Health Information.

Obtaining Medical Records for a Deceased Relative

Records of deceased patients may be released to next of kin with proper documentation. Please contact Health Information Management for more information. 

Contacting Health Information Management

Health Information Management is located on the third floor of the hospital. Hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Phone: (517) 205-4936
Fax: (517) 205-4744

Time is critical during a heart attack. The longer it takes to get treated, the more badly damaged the heart will be. Get to the hospital quickly by calling 9-1-1. Do not attempt to drive yourself.