Returning Home

Returning home after being in the hospital
 may require making arrangements for things such as medications, medical equipment and visits by home care agencies.

When possible we recommend you make arrangements to leave the hospital around 10 a.m. on the day you are discharged. Arriving home early in the day helps ensure that the transition from hospital to a new setting goes smoothly. It also allows some services to start the day you get home.

If you are having problems making arrangements, please let your nurse or case manager know and they will help you.

Help at home

When discharged from the hospital, you may
still be recovering from your illness or injury and may need further assistance.

Henry Ford Allegiance Home Care Services

Henry Ford Allegiance Home Care Services will deliver quality care at home. Our highly skilled staff can provide specialized nursing care, physical rehabilitation and personal care services including housekeeping, grocery shopping and help with bathing and dressing. Call (517) 205-6982 or talk to your case manager about how Henry Ford Allegiance Home Care Services
can help.

Henry Ford Allegiance Home Medical Equipment

Henry Ford Allegiance Home Medical Equipment provides all the products and equipment you need to ensure your safety after you leave the hospital. Located just down the road from the hospital, Henry Ford Allegiance Home Medical is a convenient stop on your way home. For more information, call (517) 205-8930.

If you are a smoker, it’s important for you to understand that smoking slows recovery and increases the risk of problems. Several weeks prior to surgery, talk with your health care provider if you need help quitting.