Behavioral Health Services

Henry Ford Allegiance Behavioral Health Services provides a network of professionals and facilities designed specifically for the treatment of behavioral and substance abuse disorders. Psychiatric services, alcohol and drug treatment, and family counseling, as well as services for children, adolescent and seniors are all accessible with just one phone call. If you are in crisis, please call the Access Center at (517) 205-5971 or (800) 531-3728.

Geriatric Services

Our program provides quality care and treatment for older adults with an emphasis on meeting age-related changes. Services include outpatient therapy, partial hospitalization and a special inpatient setting designed for those 65 and older.

Outpatient Behavioral Health

If you feel you may benefit from talking to a skilled professional therapist, we are here to help. Outpatient Behavioral Health provides individual, family and group counseling, psychiatric evaluation and medication management.

Child and Adolescent Services

We can assist children, teens and their parents in finding solutions for behavioral issues, mental health issues and substance abuse difficulties. Healing and recovery is found through a combination of assessment, individual and family therapy, and parent education. Psychiatric evaluation and medication management is available as needed.

Partial Hospitalization

When feeling overwhelmed, you may need more intensive treatment than what can be provided in weekly outpatient therapy. The Partial Hospitalization Program provides an intensive, daily group program that helps address the current crisis, as well as increase and improve individual coping skills. Participants return home each evening. Learn more about the Partial Hospitalization Program.

Adult Inpatient Care

This program offers a secure environment if you’re experiencing a severe crisis. A variety of therapies are used to help stabilize your symptoms while keeping you safe.


At the request of a referring physician, Henry Ford Allegiance Neuropsychology provides testing and evaluation for patients suffering from head trauma, memory loss, learning disabilities, autism and other neurological disorders. Learn more about our Neuropsychology Services.

Addiction Recovery Center

The Addiction Recovery Center is a substance abuse treatment center helping adults addicted to drugs and/or alcohol. Services range from chronic to acute detoxification to residential and intensive outpatient programs. The program is designed specifically for those also living with the challenges of substance abuse and mental health disorders. Learn more about the Addiction Recovery Center.

Substance Abuse Services

Henry Ford Allegiance Substance Abuse Services specializes in outpatient treatment of substance abuse and chemical dependency. We offer a range of individual, group and family therapies to help you if you’re experiencing concerns with drugs and/or alcohol. Learn more about Substance Abuse Services.

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