Alcohol, Drug & Tobacco Addiction

Addiction to alcohol, smoking, prescription medications or illegal drugs is an illness, not a weakness in character.

If left untreated, an addiction can worsen, causing strain to personal and family relationships and may result in financial and legal problems, employment difficulties, low self-esteem and social isolation. In extreme cases, addiction can lead to death.

Through both inpatient (overnight) and outpatient programs, Henry Ford Allegiance Health offers proven addiction-treatment programs for those struggling with the issues surrounding addictions.

Addiction Recovery

The Henry Ford Allegiance Addiction Recovery Center is a substance abuse treatment center helping adults addicted to drugs and/or alcohol. Services range from chronic to acute detoxification to residential and intensive outpatient programs. The program is designed specifically for those also living with the challenges of substance abuse and mental health disorders. Learn more about the Addiction Recovery Center.

Substance Abuse

Henry Ford Allegiance Substance Abuse Services specializes in outpatient treatment of substance abuse and chemical dependency. We offer individual, group and family therapies to help those experiencing problems with drugs and/or alcohol. Learn more about Substance Abuse Services.

Tobacco Treatment Services

Tobacco Treatment is a free service of Henry Ford Allegiance Health. Anyone using tobacco products in any form is encouraged to participate. Individuals, couples and nonsmokers who are concerned about their loved ones may also receive services. Participants may refer themselves or request a referral from health care professionals or employers. Learn more about Tobacco Treatment Services.

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