Cancer Care

A cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming, but you won’t face it alone.  When you come to Henry Ford Allegiance Health, you can rest assured that you’ll receive the highest quality clinical care, as well as emotional support to help you on your journey.

Advanced Treatment

Henry Ford Allegiance Radiation Oncology is one of the most technologically advanced cancer care facilities in the state. Its new TruBeam® linear accelerator safely delivers radiation treatment in half the time for some types of cancer.

Comprehensive Cancer Program

We provide the full range of cancer care – from prevention and screenings to treatment and  follow-up care. We also care for your needs as a whole person and offer services that complement your medical treatment, including resources for stress management and mindfulness meditation, nutrition counseling with registered dietitians, exercise and relaxation classes and emotional support groups.

Patient Navigators to Guide You

Our oncology patient navigators are registered nurses who provide cancer-related education and resources, as well as assistance with insurance questions and appointment scheduling.

Commitment & Access to the Best

We partner with leading cancer centers throughout the region to give you access to the best services, treatments and clinical studies. Our commitment to excellence is demonstrated through our accreditation from the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer, our affiliation with top-rated physicians and our personalized approach to your care.

Timely & Accurate Diagnosis

Henry Ford Allegiance Health uses the most advanced technologies in the diagnosis of cancer. Our FDA-approved lab is staffed with experienced board-certified pathologists who provide timely and accurate test results.

Special Touches with You in Mind

Henry Ford Allegiance Health’s Gayle M. Jacob Cancer Center was recently redesigned with the input of community members, patients, physicians and staff. Enhancements include greater wheelchair accessibility, increased privacy and more options for personal comfort, such as individual temperature and sound controls in the infusion suite.

Support Every Step of the Way

Henry Ford Allegiance Health ensures you are not alone on your treatment journey. Our compassionate care team addresses both the physical and emotional sides of cancer, providing you and your family with care and support. Through our new patient mentorship program, Lean on Me, we can connect you a volunteer who has survived a similar type of cancer and is willing to offer help and encouragement. Our annual Celebration of Hope event also provides an opportunity to meet new friends and discover new ways to live well with cancer.

There is no sure way to prevent breast cancer. But you may help lower your risk by maintaining a healthy body weight, limiting how much alcohol you drink and getting regular exercise.