Emergency Department FAQs

For patients who do not have insurance or for those who owe a balance after insurance has paid, the following is information regarding your options for payment and how to seek assistance through Henry Ford Allegiance Health.

Henry Ford Allegiance Health recognizes that medical bills can be unexpected and large expenses for our patients. We offer a number of options for how to resolve balances you are responsible for paying:

  • If full payment cannot be made at the time or service or at the time of the first patient billing, you may make a payment arrangement on an interest free basis with us. Terms will be set up so that payment in full is in place within a 6 to 12 month period. The minimum monthly payment accepted is $50.00 under this option.
  • If you are unable to pay your balance under a 6 to 12 month plan, you may apply for interest free payment terms that take your household size and resources into consideration.

 If you would like assistance in establishing payment for Henry Ford Allegiance Health services, please use the  following contact information:

  • For patients in the hospital: (517) 205-4973
  • For patients planning care in the future: (517) 205-4973
  • For patients who have already received care: (517) 205-4920

If at all possible, please bring your ID and your insurance card(s) with you.

Please bring a list of your current medications. This information help to prevent your care team from prescribing a new drug that may not be compatible with what you are currently taking.

Complimentary valet parking is available at the hospital's main entrance and at the Emergency Department entrance. All patients and guests are encouraged to take advantage of this service.

All of the parking lots closest to the main complex are designated as visitor lots and free to use by all our patients and visitors.

Our visitor parking deck provides free covered parking year round to patients and visitors. The deck can be accessed by entering the hospital campus at the corner of E. Michigan Ave. and Page Ave. Continue past the Emergency drive to the parking deck entrance marked with a blue 'P.'

We strongly advise you to call an ambulance if you are having symptoms of a heart attack or stroke. Never try to drive yourself to the Emergency Department. Traveling to the hospital by ambulance offers more than transportation. Emergency technicians can begin treating you en route to the hospital at a time when every minute counts.

Wait times will vary depending on the volume of patients in need of care, and the complexity of their needs. Our goal is to provide prompt, appropriate care as quickly as possible.

If you are a walk-in patient, you will check in at the registration desk where you will receive a pager to alert you as to when it is your turn to be seen. At that time, you will be guided to a consultation room where we determine the reason for visit, review your medical record to verify information for accuracy, and check your vital signs, such as blood pressure. A nurse will then guide you to a private examination room where the nurse, a physician or other health care providers will attend to your treatment needs.

Yes, your family doctor can be notified upon your request.

Having a trauma surgeon on site means Henry Ford Allegiance Health will be able to promptly care for very injured patients that may have previously needed to be transferred to another facility. This is good news for the patient, as well as a comfort and convenience for the patient’s family who will be able to be close by to offer support.

Smoking increases your risk of having a stroke. Talk with your health care provider about resources to help you quit. Today is the best day to start.