Heart & Vascular Services

The Henry Ford Allegiance Heart and Vascular Center is a state-of-the-art facility for the treatment of heart and vascular disease. It is designed to provide the latest technological advancements in a warm and personal environment that promotes healing. Features of the Center include:

  • 20 large, private rooms
  • Six operating rooms (two dedicated to open-heart surgery)
  • 10-bed outpatient cardiac catheterization recovery area
  • Three cardiac catheterization labs which include an electrophysiology lab

Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory

Our cardiac catheterization (cath) lab services range from diagnostic cardiac catheterizations, which identify coronary artery disease, to interventional cardiology, which diagnoses and treats coronary artery disease with non-surgical procedures. Learn more about our cardiac catheterization lab.

Open Heart Surgery

Henry Ford Allegiance Health’s open-heart surgery program has performed more than 1,400 open-heart surgeries at Henry Ford Allegiance Health. Our patients continue to experience fewer complications, a shorter hospital stay and fewer hospital readmissions than state and national averages.  Learn more about our open heart surgery program.

Cardiac Universal Bed Unit

The Henry Ford Allegiance Heart and Vascular Center features a Cardiac Universal Bed Unit (CUB) design that emphasizes patient safety and comfort, family privacy and modern technology. The CUB design allows you to stay in the same room and have the same care team from the time you leave surgery until you return home. Learn more about our Cardiac Universal Bed Unit.

Vascular Health

Henry Ford Allegiance Vascular Health focuses on education and prevention and the early detection and treatment of vascular disease. Our vascular laboratory staff provides tests and screenings to determine the cause of symptoms you may be experiencing. Our vascular surgeons and nurse practitioners perform a variety of minimally invasive procedures to treat vascular disease in its varying stages. Learn more about our vascular services.

Cardiac Rehabilitation 

The Henry Ford Allegiance Cardiac Rehabilitation Program helps patients to restore their health and safely build strength following a heart attack or heart surgery. Our program provides a positive experience and personal support as you become active and well again. Learn more about cardiac rehabilitation.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Pulmonary rehabilitation will help you manage and improve lung and breathing problems by teaching you breathing techniques and strategies. Pulmonary rehabilitation is helpful in managing various kinds of chronic respiratory conditions, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and pulmonary fibrosis. Learn more about pulmonary rehabilitation.

Cardiovascular Diagnostics

Diagnostic tests are used to identify cardiovascular disease, the type and severity of disease and the most effective treatments. These include breathing tests, stress tests and echocardiograms.

The best chance of surviving a heart attack is to act quickly. Do not wait for symptoms to go away. Call 9-1-1 immediately, and chew an aspirin while waiting for the ambulance to arrive.