Open Heart Surgery

Henry Ford Allegiance Health’s Cardiac Surgery team has performed more than 1,400 open-heart surgeries since the start of the program in 2008. Henry Ford Allegiance Health became the first hospital to perform open-heart surgery in the Jackson community. Our success is reflected in lower than state and national averages for complication rates, hospital length of stay and hospital readmissions.

Recover in Comfort

From the moment your open-heart surgery is completed to the time you go home, you’ll recover in our specially designed Cardiac Universal Bed unit, which emphasizes patient safety and comfort, family privacy and modern technology.

Straight from the Heart

Support for open-heart patients

Henry Ford Allegiance Health’s Cardiovascular care team understands how overwhelming open-heart surgery can be. Besides providing high-quality clinical care in our state-of-the-art Heart and Vascular Center, we ensure our patients and their families receive the emotional support that is so important in the healing process.

We have enlisted the help of our former open-heart patients to create a mentorship program called Straight from the Heart. The Patient Mentors have a unique personal perspective, and they are happy to share what they have learned with you. They have experienced the same flood of emotions and endless questions you are experiencing now—and they can honestly say, “I’ve been there, it’s going to be okay.”

Patient Mentors provide genuine support and fellowship through:

  • Phone calls
  • Email messages
  • Hospital visits
  • Scheduled outings

To find out more about the Straight from the Heart Patient Mentorship Program, please contact Henry Ford Allegiance Cardiac Surgery at (517) 205-7605.

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