Home Care Services

Skilled Care

Skilled care services are provided through Henry Ford Allegiance Home Care by nursing professionals, licensed physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists under the direction of a physician. These services include: medical care, medication management, rehabilitation and education. Learn more about our skilled care services.

Personal Care (private duty services)

Private duty services refers to care that does not require nursing professionals or licensed therapists, but is provided by trained staff, such as nursing aides. The Henry Ford Allegiance Personal Care team encourages independence and mobility to help patients can live active lives at home. We support independent living through services that range from meal preparation and light housekeeping to assistance with bathing and dressing. Learn more about our Personal Care services.

In-home Telemonitoring

Henry Ford Allegiance Health’s Telemonitoring program uses telecommunications and information technology to provide health care for patients who have a chronic illness—such as congestive heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, hypertension and diabetes—in their own homes.

This technology allows patients to monitor their own pulse, weight, blood pressure, blood sugar and blood oxygen level (as specified by their physicians) on a daily basis and send the results electronically to Henry Ford Allegiance Health. With a combination of daily communication and scheduled home visits, Henry Ford Allegiance Health helps patients with chronic illnesses avoid medical complications that can lead to re-hospitalizations or emergency room visits. The patient’s physicians are kept informed of their health status with timely updates.

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Henry Ford Allegiance Home Care offers a complete range of home care services to help patients heal in the comfort of their own homes. This includes in-home physical therapy and rehabilitation services that may be included as part of the physician’s plan of care.

Henry Ford Allegiance Home Care provides:

  • Physical therapy – assessment and treatment of motor function limitations, education regarding assistive devices and exercise
  • Occupational therapy – assessment of impaired functions, instruction on performing activities of daily living and use of adaptive equipment
  • Speech therapy – assessment and treatment of disorders affecting communication and swallowing

Services may be added or changed as the patient’s condition changes and the physician alters the plan of care. Henry Ford Allegiance staff will keep patients informed of any changes in care and the frequency of home visits.

Medical Social Work

During illness and recovery, patients and their families may be overwhelmed with emotional and financial issues. Henry Ford Allegiance Home Care provides support dealing with these issues and acts as an advocate and resource.

Our licensed social workers help patients and families identify available community resources, help them understand Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement, and assist them with long-range planning.

Home Medical Equipment

Henry Ford Allegiance Home Medical Equipment offers products and services to support independence, safety, comfort and healing after a patient leaves the hospital or physician’s office. Learn more about Henry Ford Allegiance Home Medical Equipment.

Regular exercise, such as walking, playing tennis, weight lifting, yoga or using a rowing machine can reduce the likelihood of bone fractures in people with osteoporosis.