Infectious Disease

Treating Infectious Disease for Better Health

Henry Ford Allegiance Infectious Disease is committed to diagnosing and managing chronic infection. Education is provided on how to control and prevent new or future infection.

Office and in-hospital consultations are available to patients with a physician referral.

Taking a Team Approach

The Henry Ford Allegiance Infectious Disease team works together to meet each patient’s unique needs, with the goal of improving overall health.

Patients are treated for:

  • Skin and soft tissue infections
  • Complicated infections of bone and joint, and organs such as liver or kidney
  • Diagnostic concerns, such as a fever of unknown origin
  • Chronic treatment-resistant or drug-resistant infections

Healing from the Inside Out

If a patient’s infection does not improve with standard treatment, our team will coordinate care with the Henry Ford Allegiance Wound Care Center & Hyperbaric Center for additional infection treatment services.

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