Joint Replacement

The Joint Replacement Center experience provides everything you need, including pre-operative education, a comfortable, private room, comprehensive rehabilitation, and support once you’re home. We’ve thought through every step of your journey to ensure it’s the best possible. 

Pre-Operative Education

Prior to your surgery, you and your support person will be invited to attend an informative class to give you an overview of the Joint Replacement Center experience. You will have an opportunity to receive vital information from a nurse to best prepare you for your surgery and beyond.

Comprehensive Rehabilitation Program

The rehabilitation program is designed to help you accomplish your goals through every stage of your recovery. Your therapy will start with a pre-surgery assessment and lessons on exercises to begin prior to your surgery. On the day of surgery, your therapist will help you get up and out of bed and take a few steps. 

During your hospital stay, you will be scheduled for four therapy sessions each day, including individual and group exercises based on your ability to participate. Group therapy has proven to be helpful in providing support and encouragement.

Support When You Get Home

After you complete the short inpatient portion of your journey, we will continue to partner with you throughout your recovery. We provide exercises for you to do and will schedule a home visit for you with a health professional. You will also be scheduled for appointments with Henry Ford Allegiance Physical Rehabilitation. All of these services focus on helping you increase your strength, flexibility and range of motion so that you can enjoy a more active life.

Regular exercise, such as walking, playing tennis, weight lifting, yoga or using a rowing machine can reduce the likelihood of bone fractures in people with osteoporosis.