Orthopedic Specialty Programs

Joint Replacement

When you’re experiencing severe joint pain, even ordinary activities can feel like overwhelming challenges. At the Henry Ford Allegiance Joint Replacement Center, you don’t have to accept pain and limited activity as an everyday part of your life. Since opening its doors in 2002, the “Joint Camp” has helped thousands of patients reduce hip and knee pain by offering the most advanced surgical techniques. We can help decrease your pain, increase your mobility and improve your quality of life. Learn more about joint replacement at Henry Ford Allegiance.

Sports Medicine

Whether you’re a competitive athlete, a weekend golfer or someone who enjoys gardening, you want to be at your best physically. Henry Ford Allegiance Health’s sports medicine program is here to help you improve your performance or level of activity. Most importantly, we want to help you prevent future injuries so that you can enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle.

We’ve brought together skilled, experienced experts, including the area’s only sports medicine fellowship trained physicians. We have dynamic physical therapists and area athletic trainers who collaborate to create a personalized treatment plan that’s right for you.

Hands & Wrists

If you are experiencing pain or problems with your hands or wrists, or have been injured on the job, Henry Ford Allegiance Health can help. Many of our patients have been hurt on the job and we take pride in getting you back to work quickly. We have an experienced team of hand therapists who work closely with our physicians to provide you the highest level of care and support in a dedicated hand clinic. We offer the area’s only fellowship trained orthopedic hand surgeon, who performs over 750 specialty hand surgeries each year, as well as providing conservative non-surgical care.

Feet & Ankles

When your foot or ankle hurts, it can affect your entire body – how you stand, walk or run. It’s important not to ignore symptoms that could indicate a more complex foot or ankle problem. Our team of experts at Henry Ford Allegiance Health can offer you guidance, along with non-surgical and surgical options. We offer the area’s only fellowship trained orthopedic foot and ankle surgeon, treating over 1,000 patients yearly with medical and surgical care.


Physiatrists diagnose and treat injuries or illnesses related to your nerves, muscles and bones. Our team of physiatrists provide medical and rehabilitation care based on your unique needs, abilities and goals—with an emphasis on injury prevention. Working in partnership with our spine, joint, sports and stroke centers, they provide connected, conservative care options whenever possible. Learn more about our physiatry program.

Regular exercise, such as walking, playing tennis, weight lifting, yoga or using a rowing machine can reduce the likelihood of bone fractures in people with osteoporosis.