Insomnia FAQs

Learn more about our insomnia services through these FAQs.

Appropriate patients are those who have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep, or individuals with short-term or long-term stressors that affect their ability to sleep.

Treatment options will vary with different sleep challenges. They could include keeping a sleep diary to document specific issues and events, sleep habits and environmental interruptions. A medication review will help determine whether taking prescribed medications at different times of the day would be beneficial. On rare occasions, a sleep aid may be prescribed for short-term relief.

Treatment plans generally last a couple of weeks to several months, depending on the complexity and progress of treatment. All services are performed in the Sleep Health Center.

Most types of insurance cover the services. Therapy visits are included under most plans as mental health services.

A physician referral is not needed, unless your health insurance provider requires one. We will obtain pre-authorization information prior to your first visit.

Listening to your favorite music can help you relax and keep calm at stressful times.