Stork Club

If you are having a child, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by questions and concerns about your upcoming birthing experience. Many new parents find childbirth classes help calm their worries about what to expect.

Henry Ford Allegiance Health Stork Club provides classes for expectant parents and their families. These classes provide you with an opportunity to make informed decisions about your baby’s birth. Please call the Stork Club before the end of your second trimester to register for classes.


Free classes are offered evenings and Saturday daytime hours. For registration, class fees and other questions, please call the Stork Club at (517) 205-4954.

Did you recently find out that you are pregnant or are you thinking about getting pregnant? Moms and dads, you don’t want to miss this free class! Learn important aspects of pregnancy and labor preparation including:

  • Signs of pre-term labor
  • Precautions during pregnancy
  • Fetal growth and development
  • The ABC’s of pregnancy changes
  • Prenatal care and frequent tests
  • Healthy eating
  • Comforts and discomforts of pregnancy

We suggest taking this class during your first trimester. However you may take it at any time throughout your pregnancy.

This course is a must for all expectant mothers and their partners. It provides all the essential information needed to prepare for the birth of your child.

  • Breathing, Relaxation and Comfort Techniques
  • Options in pain relief methods/ terminology
  • Empowered Labor and Delivery
  • Basic Baby Care and Infant Safety
  • Preparation for Breast feeding
  • What to expect after delivery
  • Basics for new Dads
  • Tour of the Family Birthing Center

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This class is recommended for parents who may have attended childbirth classes in the past and/ or parents who have already had a baby but would like some helpful reminders about relaxation and breathing techniques, labor and delivery options and current pain relief methods.

An in depth look at the benefits of breastfeeding. Learn practical tips about how to breastfeed successfully, returning to work and more. Dads or support person are encouraged to participate.

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Everything a new father needs to become actively involved in the birth of his child. Taught by a veteran Dad. This class is also included in our 6 week series.

A new baby means a lot of changes for siblings. This class is recommended for brothers and sisters ages 3-9 to help prepare for the arrival of their new sibling.

Expectant Grandparents need information about current labor and delivery care and new mom and baby care. Learn what’s new since you were a parent! Includes a tour of the Family Birthing Center.

Private class options include Vaginal Birth after Cesarean Birth and Preparing for a Cesarean Birth.

Special arrangements may also be made for individual pre-natal instructions due to special circumstances. 


Drink extra fluids throughout pregnancy to help your body keep up with the increases in your blood volume. It is important to drink at least six to eight glasses of water, fruit juice or milk each day.