Fitness Classes

Below are examples of the fitness classes offered at the Henry Ford Allegiance Women’s Health Center. Our options are updated regularly, so please call (517) 205-2684 for the latest information.

Chair exercises to music that focus on anti-aging techniques, joint mobility, spinal flexibility, right-left brain coordination, cognitive function, systemic stimulation, balance and confidence taught by our certified Ageless Grace & Nia instructor.

Combines Pilate’s exercises by taking a flexible approach to increase strength, stability, balance, agility, endurance and relaxation. Modifications and props are used as needed.

Low impact aerobics, lively music, uses large fitness balls w/drumsticks followed by stretching and strengthening exercises using light weights, bands and more.

For busy ladies at beginner & intermediate levels. Workouts combine cardio and total-body conditioning. Attend one or all four mini classes during the same week for one price. Cost: $6.50; Perks $5. A different workout is offered each day.

Mother-baby yoga

A class designed for the new mom who is seeking a safe, effective way to get in shape while bonding with her infant. Group exercise offers a social and educational setting for a healthier postpartum period through relaxation, deep breathing, toning and gentle stretching. This mother-and-baby yoga class offers mom a chance to interact, communicate and play with her new child in a loving and fun environment.

You may begin two to six weeks after delivery, as permitted by the obstetrician, and continue until the baby is six months old.

Call (517) 205-4377 for class times, days and more information.

Uses gliding discs to improve balance, muscle strength and cardio fitness. Kettlebell – Each movement uses your entire body to enhance strength, balance and eye-hand coordination using assorted weights that look like bowling balls with handles.

Low impact cardio workout followed by strength and toning exercises. Great for all levels!

Combines yoga, tai chi, tae kwon do, aikido, jazz, modern dance, and other movement forms, offering total body cardiovascular conditioning and cross training.

Core strengthening exercises focused on body alignment, core stabilization and breathing. Modifications and props are used as needed.

Individual or small group fitness sessions. (Perks, 1 free yearly)

Strengthen your entire body using barbells with assorted weights and lively music.

Works with resistance and weight training for muscle tone, flexibility, and balance using weights, fitness balls, bands and more.

A variety of classes are offered during the year taught by our Registered Yoga Teacher. See our current schedule for class offerings.

Designed especially for the active older adult or those just starting their journey to fitness. Learn the Zumba basics at a slower pace and still get the benefits. Great for arthritis!

Drink extra fluids throughout pregnancy to help your body keep up with the increases in your blood volume. It is important to drink at least six to eight glasses of water, fruit juice or milk each day.