Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is high-oxygen-pressure therapy recognized by the American Medical Association as an effective option for conditions and illnesses that have been highly resistant to other treatments.

Benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments

Oxygen treatments can be beneficial for patients who suffer from:

  • Chronic non-healing wounds, such as diabetic foot ulcers
  • Compromised skin grafts/flaps
  • Chronic refractory osteomyelitis (inflammatory disease in the bones)
  • Radiation cystitis and proctitis (bladder and rectal inflammation)
  • Osteoradioneocrosis (dying bone tissue)
  • Necrosis of soft tissue and bone due to radiation treatments
  • Gas embolisms
  • Gas gangrene

HBOT is non-invasive (does not puncture the skin), painless and is provided in an outpatient setting. The treatment is accepted by Medicare, Medicaid and many commercial insurers with a physician’s referral.

Treatments take place in a comfortable, climate-controlled, multi-seat chamber that is carefully monitored. After a physical evaluation, you’ll enter the chamber. As the chamber pressurizes, you may experience a sensation similar to an airplane landing. During the treatment you can comfortably talk, read, nap or watch a movie. As the treatment concludes, the pressure decreases, producing a feeling similar to when a plane is taking off.

HBOT sessions typically last two hours and take place six days a week for six to eight weeks. Your physician will determine the number of therapies that will be most beneficial to you.

If you need to keep your cholesterol intake down, limit yourself to no more than three egg yolks per week.